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There are many times in your life when you feel darkness and you are sometimes depressed. Human is very dangerous one day when they are tired they have to come back to the great God who is most kind and most merciful. Life is like the exam for the Muslims. some of them turned to the God and this is the right thing and some of them feel depressed and they are despaired from the real place and indulged in the path of sins. But if you are a good Muslims and you believe that you have to die and this life is exam from the lord and you will found many belongings and you will create your hope towards your destiny. In Quran, Allah said that and that being who was dead and I am the most strengthens.  we provide him life and we decided him a light because of which he is the person who will amongst people who are good and they have good deeds. The darkness of the sins are so horrible and lead you to the hell fire. This is the horrible thing which will horrify the man. But never feel hopeless Prophet Muhammad Mustafa said (PBUH) he loves you more than your mother. If you are sinful and you are feeling down, then door from his side always open for you. Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa and his life are light for your life if you are in the dark. Light and the dark are two things two levels which can never coincide in one place. Many Muslims travel from this darkness in the long way some of them choose to go for some time in the place of the Lord for the Umrah and hajj with packages Best 5- star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Package in Easter Holidays with Luxury Hotels 2017 and with the like they can find the peace.

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