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Welcome to Lupus Association South Africa NPC(2016/294171/08)


Lupus is an incurable immune system condition that is assumed to be genetic and mainly affects females. The condition shares a lot of symptoms in common with other conditions; with lupus signs including rashes, depression, anemia, headaches and mouth ulcers.
                                                                          Lupus Association South Africa is trying to raise awareness of Lupus,  give Moral Support to Lupus Patients and their Families and create a Platform where by Lupus Patients World Wide Can Share their experiences and interact with one another. Due to the overlap with other conditions many GPs may not recognize the symptoms as Lupus at first.

It is Estimated that 280000 people in South Africa have Lupus but many are undiagnosed and simply powering  through the condition. However, joint pain, muscle pain and extreme tiredness will not go away no matter how much you rest. It can also affect vital organs, so it is important to raise Awareness and get people diagnosed.


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Contact:Dayalan Naidu
Address:43 Roslyn Avenue, Asherville

South Africa

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