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Get to know how to change mac address on windows 10!

MAC address is a unique address which is assigned to every network interface card.It is  used for wired and wireless network both to connect computers.Once you have assigned MAC address then you can also change it.If you want to change MAC address on Windows 10 then you will have a look on these steps.

First you have to go to the home screen on Windows then you have to press the window key along with break pause.You can also press Window keys with Fn and pause key.

Now you have to click on the device manager that is at the left side of the window.

Then you have to fill the Network name  in the category named network adapters.

Here you have to expand network adapters to see all the network cards which is attached with your computer.

After that you have to select that MAC address which you want to change.

Then you have to click on the the network adapter properties.

Next you have to select advanced tab.

You have to enter Six digit value  hereafter click on the radio button.

Finally you have to close other Open dialog boxes and also close the device manager.

Get prompt help through MAC support team

Although Changing MAC address is a easy process by using above steps.But there may be some users who may not find these steps relevant then they may take help from MAC technical support.MAC provides highly certified professionals who is having knowledge about all the services and product of MAC.They will assist you to get rid of any query. 

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