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Welcome to ... Masetti Glass & Aluminium Solutions Is 100% Black Owned.

Masetti glass and aluminium solutions is a full serving resedential and commercial clients in greater Gauteng area. The company was established in 2007 by Sibusiso Maseti with the help of late Mr Sibusiso Buthelezi(May his soul rest in peace) The company was founded as MSN glass and aluminium,was working as a subcontract under CGA,AGI,Amoretti and Inso.Masetti glass and aluminium solutions has earned reputation for executing visionary designs through the realities of construction and forging long Standing client relationship.Masetti glass and aluminium solutions with home owners,architects,designers and engineers to offer great services in design build,remodels,additions and new buildings.The company is recognised for inspired designs that address the environment and  Contextual needs of its clients.Masetti glass and aluminium solutions maintains the highest standards in the building industry and implements leading-edge construction methods,tools,material and technique that meet environment and safety requirements of South Africa.All Masetti glass and aluminium solutions projects are considered through the company's values-driven philosophy,innovation,reliability,accountability and sustainability.We always believe in keeping our clients happy no matter how is the situation.At Masetti glass and aluminium solutions we go our own talk,what we promise is what we give.We don't compromise the quality.



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Contact:Sibusiso Maseti
Address:9398 Gloria street,Ext 2,
South Africa

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