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McNally Growth Partners helps entrepreneurs and business owners design, build and grow successful businesses. Whether you are starting a new business, launching a new product or service, entering a new market, or evaluating your firm’s growth strategy, we can help. We are passionate about innovative technologies, sustainability, green business, tourism and hospitality business.



  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Financial Projections/ Forecasts
  • Grant Applications – Enterprise Ireland, Leader, County Enterprise Boards
  • Funding/ Finance
  • Training
  • Mentoring
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1. Talking the Talk on Dragons’ Den

The Challenge

In business, time is often in short supply and it’s important to act quickly. When we were approached by the mentor of a new Irish gift company, we were delighted to lend a hand. This new company had been shortlisted to appear on the TV programme, Dragons’ Den, and its founder needed a business plan for the final selection process. Not only that, but she needed it fast. We obliged.

The Strategy

It’s impossible to be a growth partner if we don’t have a detailed understanding of the business in its entirety, so gaining that understanding was our first step. We met with the entrepreneur and examined her business with the equivalent of a fine tooth comb. We then focused on her customers. First, we identified and profiled the target market. Once we had this groundwork covered, we traced the most effective route to market and prepared a detailed, practical sales plan and marketing strategy for the business. All the basics in place, we needed to look to the future and figure out the investment sums the business would require to get the product to market. Using our expertise in this area and a great deal of experience, we produced detailed five-year financial projections that gave us the figures we needed.

We then presented the business plan to the entrepreneur, who was impressed with the level of detail apparent in the plan, its clarity and how it came across so professionally. We went on to help her hone her investment pitch and arranged for coaching in how to deliver her presentation most effectively to the dragons. With our multi-pronged approach, we felt we were covering all angles.

The Result

On the strength of her idea, her confidence and her newly acquired business plan, our client made it through the selection process and featured in the 2011 Dragons’ Den series. In the event, she did not succeed in getting securing the funding she required as her product simply did not appeal to the Dragons on the day. However, the thoroughness and professionalism of her pitch was impressive and will stand to her in future funding bids.

The Verdict

Our client was very happy with the experience she had with us:
“Brian, the head of the organisation, is very efficient and more than willing to do what was needed to get the task completed to a very tight deadline. Brian is most dependable with his good judgement and practical approach. Brian would be an asset to those looking for excellent business solutions. I could not have asked for a better person to get me through the process. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Brian McNally of McNally Growth Partners.”

2. A Little News Technology

The Challenge

It’s one thing having a good idea. It’s quite another to make money out of it. One of the biggest challenges facing technology entrepreneurs is developing a business model around their idea - one that will generate profits. 

When McNally Growth Partners evaluate a new technology company, we immediately set about finding out what specific problem they aim to solve with their product - what benefit does it bring and to whom? Is there a market for their product? When Brian McNally first met Mark Little of RTE fame, Mark was struggling to answer these questions. 

The Strategy

As a multidisciplinary team, McNally Growth Partners was able to bring finance, technology and marketing experience together to shape and tailor a business proposition that fitted Mark’s idea. First, we identified the target market. Next, we reviewed the product suite the company had in mind. We homed in on the products that would add most value most quickly to the company - those that would bring in revenue straight away. Once we had isolated those products, we developed the business case around the markets we had identified and produced a detailed five-year sales forecast.

The Result

Having identified customers and sales channels, we were able to pin down detailed financial projections and determine the peak cash requirement for the business. Finally, we compiled an Investor Memorandum and secured finance for the project, turning an idea into reality.

The Verdict

Brian provided the bedrock of knowledge and practical advice in the earliest stages of my start-up. Without his guidance and professional input there is no way I would have been able to take the first critical steps in setting up my business. I particularly value his easy-going but focused approach and his wide network of contacts and deep experience in the area of financial planning and business development. I look forward to working with him on an ongoing basis.”

3. Waste Not Want Not

The Challenge

True referrals are often invaluable. An Ennis accountant referred McNally Growth Partners to a group of local business men who were working on an idea for a tyre recycling business.  We met with them, listened to their idea and went off to do some background research of our own on the project.  It was to turn into a fantastic opportunity.

The Strategy

Using whiteboards and flip charts, we brainstormed the tyre recycling idea and slowly we watched a fledgling business emerge. Our focus at the beginning was on the recycling process itself and on identifying a market for the end product. Once we had pinpointed the target market and the size of the opportunity, we set about developing a sales plan and marketing strategy for the business. These cornerstones in place, our next step was to develop the business case and create a business plan around the original idea.

Having put the finishing touches to the business plan and determined the level of funding required for the business, we singled out sources for funding. When we had prepared our pitch, we met with the banks, who proved very supportive due to the groundwork we had already completed. We also made an approach to the Leader Programme for Government Funding.

The Result

Now that the company has secured over €150,000 in funding, the business is off to a flying start. Recycling tyres, regenerating profits!

The Verdict

“Without Brian’s input, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have got the company up and running as quickly as we did – his professional support in terms of expertise and business know-how was invaluable, especially when it came to securing funding. The fact that we had identified exactly what we were going to do and had targeted our market effectively meant that lots of the other pieces fell into place more easily – Brian supported us in making the decisions we needed to make so that the business would be a success. We are delighted that he did – and we look forward to working with McNally Growth Partners more in the future. We couldn’t recommend Brian more highly.”


Business Plan Template http://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/Start-a-Business-in-Ireland/Information-Store-for-Start-ups/#Business%20Plans

County and City Enterprise Boards: www.enterpriseboards.ie
Clare Local Development Company www.cldc.ie

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