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We often speak of as a way to cook food may contribute to the diet we're doing, because every cooking method, basically, need different doses and quality of fat.

The classic example is the cooking of the potatoes, which are like sponges: 100 grams of boiled potatoes as you can read in our Table of calories - make only 71 kilocalories, but if the fry become more than 200 calories, while roasted provide about 150 calories.

In addition, a boiled potato satisfies at least twice the equivalent weight of the chips. This is because the fry are altered foodstuffs essential to induce satiety and stabilize the body.

So, it's not just fat that a type of cooking needs, but also as in the kitchen are stored nutrients more valuable to our health: minerals, vitamins and fiber first. And it is these substances our best allies in the diets.

The lack of vitamins and minerals is one of the main reasons of fatigue and stress you feel periodically.

Especially after holiday periods - such as Christmas and New Year - where it is eaten in a disorderly manner, probably drank too much alcohol and too little water, it is easy to feel weakened, much less toned and weighed (and greased!).

The main reason is that they are missing the right daily amount of fruits and vegetables, which are our energy reserve of vitamins and minerals.
Run for cover is not difficult. As mentioned, it is essential to keep in mind two directions: to feed the right foods and choose the optimal mode of cooking and food preparation.

We offer a diet in which the cooking is just the steam, especially valuable because it prevents the dispersion of valuable nutrients. Steam cooking it, the food does not come into contact with water or even with cooked fats: vitamins and minerals are not so scattered - evaporating - or altered from fat.

And 'why the diet "full steam" is also a weight loss diet: is the light at all, because the amount of seasoning in the run-up is cleared.

But as you cook Steam? Today is a breeze thanks to the aluminum basket that opens in flower: it rests on the bottom of the pot and cook without any condiments.

More traditionally, however, you can use the basket in bamboo - much used in oriental cuisine - that should be placed in a pot with two inches of water.

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A tip: If you are cooking bamboo basket in different foods, it's best to put on the bottom (closer to the fire) ones of longer cooking, such as meat, fish and vegetables while maintaining the surface, before baking.

The diet that we propose provides 1,300 kilocalories per day, and is thus able to not only get fit but also to make you lose 3.2 pounds in two weeks.

Then follow it for two weeks, keeping in mind that the only condiment allowed is the extra virgin olive oil used raw on foods, for up to 2 tablespoons (4 teaspoons) per day.

At breakfast, every day for two weeks, you can choose from:

  • 2 slices whole meal bread with 1 teaspoon of jam; 2) a glass of milk with 25 grams of muesli; 3) 2 biscuits and a whole kiwi.

  • Green tea or coffee without sugar.

By mid-morning, every day: Yogurt or low-fat natural cereals.

A snack: a seasonal fruit or fresh smoothie (no sugar), green tea or coffee without sugar.


  • - Lunch: 60 gra ms of pasta with broccoli or cauliflower, 200 grams of steamed cauliflower, 120 grams of hamburger grilled lean meat.
  • - Dinner: 200 grams of steamed carrots with lemon juice, 150 grams of sea bream baked in foil or with rosemary and bay leaf, 30 grams of wheat toast.


  • - Lunch: 200 grams of roasted chicken drumstick (without skin) with 200 grams of steamed potatoes, 150 grams of fresh tomato salad.
  • - Dinner: mashed beans and chickpeas (100 grams of legumes in total) with two teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese and 40 grams of macaroni, 200 grams of fennel steamed.


  • - Lunch: 70 grams of rice with artichoke hearts, 200 grams of mixed green salad.
  • - Dinner: cream of pumpkin and potatoes (100 grams of pumpkin and potato 100) and two teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese; 80 grams of lean cottage cheese with 150 grams of carrots steamed.


  • - Lunch: 150 grams of turkey breast grilled with 200 grams of steamed spinach, third grams of wheat toast.
  • - Dinner: 60 grams of fusilli with herbs, 200 grams of broccoli or cauliflower steamed with lemon juice.


  • - Lunch: 60 grams of linguine with clams, 200 grams of fresh tomatoes, celery and carrots with vinaigrette.
  • - Dinner: 150 grams of grilled sea bass with spices, 200 grams of steamed beets, 30 grams of wheat toast.


  • - Lunch: 70 grams of rice with mushrooms and artichokes (30 grams of dried mushrooms vegetable broth and thin), 200 grams of hearts of steamed spinach.
  • - Dinner: 200 grams pumpkin baked without fat and cooked with rosemary; a boiled egg; 100 grams of steamed fennel with a teaspoon of grated Parmesan cheese.


  • - Lunch: 60 grams of pasta with fresh tomatoes, onion, basil, tuna in brine (40 grams), 200 grams of spinach or steamed cauliflower.
  • - Dinner: vegetable soup and vegetables (60 grams of mixed pulses); 120 grams of lean veal roast in the oven, 150 grams of fennel steamed.

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