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At morrisseys we provide and produce a range of traditional to modernised meat products , cut fresh every day. Excellent service provided by our trained butchers and counter staff with over 30 years experience in the business

We are located in the crescent & Parkway shopping centres in Limerick . Free parking available at both shopping centres. We are open 7 DAYS a week including Bank Holiday Mondays.

Opening Times

Monday - Wednesday 8am-6pm

Thursday-Friday 8am-9pm

Saturday 8am-6pm

Sunday/Bank holiday 9am-6pm


Eamon Morrissey



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Prime Beef 
Steak product line :
Rib Steak , Round steak , Sirlion steak , striplion steak, T-Bone streak , Fillet steak.

Stewing beef , Round mince , steak mince.

Roast Beef product line: Sirlion roast , T-bone roast, Rib roast on/off the bone , house keeper

No Charge
Roasts,chops ,mince, ribs tails ,feet, hocks, legs, legs.
No Charge
Legs of lamb, cutlets, rack chops, rack of lamb, lamb pieces, lamb shoulders, lamb mince ,lambs liver/hearts
No Charge
2000g chickens, Fillets, Breasts, livers,hearts, legs,wings
No Charge
BBQ Section 
Burgers,kebabs,bbq chops,ribs,pieces,sausages
No Charge
Farm fresh Turkeys available all year round
No Charge
Christmas Ham 
Pale/Smk ham available all year round
No Charge
Cooked meats 
Ham, Turkey,beef, Brawn,corned beef.
No Charge
Cooked Chickens 
2000g cooked chickens available everyday 6.99
No Charge
Christmas Club 
available all year... save as little or as much as you want
No Charge
Sheep Skin rugs 
Sheep Skin rugs
No Charge
Duck eggs 
3.00 per half dozen
No Charge
Crucical sauce range 
garlic mayo.south west sauce,burger sauce,thai style ,jerk bbq,smokey bbq,hot stuff
No Charge
jambons(deli style) 
jambons available exact same as deli bought jambons
No Charge
Dinner packs 
ranging from 12-25
No Charge
Breakfast pack 
available for 10
No Charge
full ducks & duck breasts available
No Charge



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Contact details for Morrisseybutchers

Contact:Caroline Morrissey
Address:Unit 10, Cresent shopping centre , limerick

Telephone:061 227649 / 061 413128
Web page:Www.facebook.com/morrisseybutchers

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