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As a family of four, we have moved from one rented house to another rented house many times - more than ten. Some would say as I am a highly organised person, I have the whole moving process down to fine art, but still, every time we move I get stressed about who will do the chores and if I can finish everything by the time we need to vacate the house.

The organization begins months before (if time allows) with the beginning of a list, and over time that list grows longer and expands in different directions, takes over my life and gives me sleepless nights. The hardest part is to organise all the service teams I need to be at the old or new house in a seamless process, while also trying to avoid having to take days off work. 

Start packing well before moving date. Packing up your home in an organised manner is key to complete your project on time & within budget.

Hire a moving company, they can help with your move go smoother.

Arrange your moving company at least two weeks before the move. If possible, try to move during the weekday because moving companies are busier during the weekends as more people move during the weekend.

To save time engage a cleaning company to clean up after your move if you have the budget for this service. Hire a team who can work towards your goals of bond cleaning and bond refund.

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Contact:Taha rupawala
Address:485 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026, New Zealand.

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