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Mozilla Firefox is not a new browser for users. When there were no such well-known browsers, Firefox was widely used and still, there are users who prefer this browser because of its interface and features. But with time and usage, people confront with the Mozilla Firefox file download issue. If you are also in the same phase but are not aware of the right fixture then this blog will surely prove beneficial. You can either refer the solutions given in this blog or try reaching out to Mozilla Firefox customer support number that stays available 24×7 online.

The below-enlisted solutions can be opted for fixing the issue before availing help from the technical representatives.

1.Check the downloads panel for any blocked downloads: This browser includes a download protection feature to protect the users from harmful file downloads. If it has blocked an unsafe download, you will see a warning error. You can open the panel and modify the settings.

2.Clear the downloads history: Click on the ‘downloads button’ and then select show all downloads. Choose clear downloads in the window that opens.

3.Choose a different downloads folder: There can be some problem with the folder where you are choosing to download the file. Click on the menu button and then choose options. The select general panel, find the download section and choose a different folder for saving files.

4.Change the file type settings: If there is some hassle in downloading specific file type then you need to ensure that Firefox is not set to handle those file types differently from others. You can also reset the download action from the application basics on the menu.

5.Configure Internet security software: Internet security software including antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware and others can also block the file from downloading. Check the relevant settings and then disable any feature that is blocking the path.

If you still are not able to sort out the file downloads issue in Firefox then you must not wait anymore for the right time and dial Mozilla Firefox Contact number to get in touch with the technical professionals who will offer you a fixture.


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