WELCOME to My-Own-Site

Welcome to My Own Site

My experiences in setting up a site on

This site will be all about the steps that I took to create my own site on and how effective the myinfo site is at driving traffic to my private website.

I will over the next few weeks include my steps that I took (warts and all) and I will measure the traffic to my site on Google Analytics. I look forward to any comments and suggestions you may have. Also, I will welcome your own experiences with myinfo. Free website? is it too good to be true? Lets see...

Also, lets see how well it fares on Google ranking.

Myinfo website ranking on Google

We will search for the Phrase 'My Own Site' - ranking position today is >50 (as expected because this site is totally new).

22/12/2013 - Site Creation

Went through the site creation form and found that it was very easy to create a site. The site was immediately live which was a surprise.  The default inclusion of important meta data on the site was very good, I can see why the sites on ranks so well.

The only criticism of the site build was that I had to go back into the site to sort out the format of the front page, but this was fine as it afforded me the opportunity to include a bit more information (i.e. this text).

23/12/2013 - Styling the site

Decided to add a bit of color and style the site to see what myuinfo had to offer

  1. Clicked on the My Site tab
  2. Selected 'Create new Page' and selected 'create' next to Page 2

... That was easy, I now have a second page (I will use this later)

  1. From the My Site tab, I selected styles
  2. I then selected 'Change the site design'
  3. Selected the edit button next to Background colour and changed the color using the color editor (had to refresh to see the change)
  4. Changed the background image by clicking on 'Background Image'
  5. Browsed for the image and then selected the 'crumpled paper' image from my hard drive
  6. Selected 'Both' for image repeat

Again - pretty smooth and easy less than 5 minutes to change the background. Lastly for today, I decided to change the menu background to a charcoal black

  1. Again, selected My Site then 'Change Site Design'
  2. Selected 'edit' next to 'Banner Color'
  3. Selected the color by clicking on it.

27/12/2013 - Styling the site text

Now a bit about styling the page...

First log-in and then press the edit button at the top on the page:

The edit button for editing the page content

I set the main header to the page as 'Heading 1' from the style menu at the top of the page. Shade the text you want as a header and then click the down-arrow in the second box as shown below. Select Heading 1.

Setting the header 1 style on myinfo site creation <--- click the 'down-arrow to change the values

The normal text is defined using the Normal setting below.

Changing the header tag on myinfo

You can try out the different values in the list but always try to have only one Header 1 and then cascade the other header values with Normal text in between. You also can change the font, text size and text color from the menus. Don't be afraid to try the different values, it all is very easy. Once you have updated your text select the 'Update Field' button at the bottom of the editor. If you can't see this button, click on the dialog box header and drag it up a bit. This is a bug in the package that is a small inconvenienec and may lead to some confusion for people creating their own sites.

Of course once you are in edit mode, this is the ideal opportunity to add more text - as this will make your site more compelling to Google.

Check on ranking: Position 15 already!! only 5 days later... impressive!

Google raking to position 15 only 5 days after creating the site


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