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Series of NIKE FREE barefoot running shoes is NIKE fans this year or two the most popular one of the NIKE running shoes. Series ball is commonly with Waffle nestle outsole texture design, with many bumps the friction block, grip is very suitable for running, and can disperse, make running more comfortable. Heel with BRS1000 carbon fiber rubber, more wear-resisting, good grip, but when it left a black mark on the surface of the ground friction. If the Nike running shoes flexibility, 0.0 for barefoot running, 10.0 for regular running shoes. 3.0, 3.0, Nike running shoes launched a FREE FREE FREE 7.0, FREE EVERYDAY, FREE RUN + FREE style, etc.

NIKE FREE series is the world famous manufacturer NIKE sports products corp., a specific series. According to product classification, should be classified as Nike's shoes running shoes series design of production line. Will tell from the movement of the sports science and technology category, NIKE FREE movement is the concept of "barefoot running" series give priority to dozen of NIKE FREE running technology. According to the degree of simulation run free "TianZu" meticulous divided into Nike free, Nike free 5.0, and 3.0 7.0 styles Nike free.


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NIKE FREE series of 3.0, 5.0, 7.0, etc. Number is not the serial number of the shoe, but a factor, scientific name called "barefoot coefficient". Coefficient as close to the walk, the bigger the coefficient is close to running shoes.
Series of NIKE FREE running shoes is NIKE sports marketed in 05 years, FREE running shoes main characteristic is to make the feet to simulate barefoot feel, can let your feet activity, bending and grab the ground, just like running barefoot. So FREE soft shoes suitable for anyone. The Nike FREE shoes design starts with the last. Traditional shoe tree model is flat with a point. Last used in the Nike Free shoes closer to barefoot. The parcel last way and use of materials and make the design more close to barefoot feeling. The soles, elastic and supportive must achieve harmony for shoes, and the flexibility of their sole must be consistent with the upper support degree. Otherwise it will make barefoot running simulation is compromised.

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