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NanoDiamond Products Limited (NDP) is committed to pioneering nanodiamond solutions. Applications of nanodiamond suspensions and concentrates include the field of polishing electronic substrates, enhancing wear resistance in electroplated products and polymers. NDP also proivde a market leading polycrystalline micron (PolyMic) product.


We aim to be the leading supplier of high quality, consistent and cost effective nanodiamond products and to provide our customers with the optimum solution for their needs in a timely, ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Visit our site for more information about NanoDiamond Products and for a full range of the products that we offer. 

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Nano diamond products for wear resist...
Nano diamond products for wear resistant parts

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PolyMic - Polycrystalline Micron 
PolyMic is a polycrystalline synthetic micron product that is synthesised and processed very differently to our standard ND products. It can be sold as a dry powder, suspension or slurry
Sizes are available from M0-0.2 to M2-4

No Charge
PolyMic - Polycrystalline Micron

Contact details for NDP

Contact:Derek Wright
Address:Unit 4 Beechpark House
Smithstown Industrial Estate, Shannon
Telephone:+353 61 360333
Web page:www.nanodiaproducts.com

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