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At Nosh+Coffee we provide quality coffees, good food, relaxing atmosphere and stylish surroundings are all attributes that defines a Nosh+Coffee outlet experience. Whatever you desire to fulfill your hunger or thirst, visit us at Nosh+Coffee in Shannon! We are located on the top floor of the SkyCourt Shopping Centre in the food area.

There is no secret ingredient in coffee at Nosh+Coffee other than the highest quality arabica coffee beans and the training we give to our baristas. Our bean of choice is an organically grown single origin finest quality Arabica bean from Guatemala, which gives a rich aroma and lively bright acidity.

Much has been written about the very low prices that farmers are receiving for their coffee beans however the quality of beans we purchase is a long way from the poor quality bulk coffee beans, which  only achieve the lowest prices, thats why we believe in FAIRTRADE. We pay prices well above the market lows as we believe that if farmers are rewarded for growing and harvesting quality beans they will be motivated to continue to improve quality and we will have a sustainable long term, consistent supplier of coffee beans.

Our beans are roasted here in Dublin in the famous Roastery before they are packed and sent to each Nosh+Coffee store around Ireland. All our barista go through specialised coffee training with Bewleys own Barista trainers before they are allowed to serve customers unsupervised.



we always use double shots of coffee in all our regular size coffee drinks and triple shots of coffee in our larger size coffee drinks which means you get a good coffee flavour even when mixed with a lot of milk. We only use manual espresso coffee machines which are hand built in Florence by, which rely on the skill of the barista because automatic machines do not give the same quality. And of course all our milk based drinks are also availbale as "skinny" and "dairy free", that's soya milk to you and me.
The heart of every Nosh+Coffee coffee drink, and one of the hardest to get right. A single espresso consists of 7gm of coffee, tamped just right in a single handle. The espresso should pour out of the handle like 'honey off a spoon'. Not too fast and not too slow, between 18-21 seconds. The cup must be warmed before hand and the perfect espresso will have a good hazelnut brown 'crema' on top which reforms if stirred and lasts at least one minute.
Espresso Macchiato
This is an espresso with a dollop of milk foam on top, my all time favourite.
Basically a double espresso poured on top of hot water, not the other way around so you still get the 'crema' indicating that the espresso was correctly made.
A long espresso (1/3 of a cappuccino cup) made up with hot milk (2/3). We train our barista to create textured creamy milk. Steaming milk is quite an art however as long as you remember to start with cold milk and slowly draw the steam wand out of the milk as it froths up you will probably be ok. We like to add the chocolate powder directly onto the expresso so that it mixes into the textured milk as it is being poured.
Caffè Latte
Espresso topped up with steamed milk and a small amount of milk foam on top to seal the drink.
Basically a cappuccino with chocolate added. We use chocolate powder mixed into the double espresso to ensure a homogeneous mix before the milk is added.
Unlike most other coffee shops, we do not use pre-mixes or powders to prepare our cold coffee drinks. Our espresso serves as the foundation for all our drinks so once again, the drink is only as good as the espresso.
Iced Latte
We use a double shot of our espresso, six ice cubes and milk. That’s it! The secret is the espresso and a really good blender. 20 seconds of blending and you have a superb, refreshing coffee drink.
Iced Mocha
This is identical to the latte but we add two heaped teaspoons of chocolate powder to the coffee before adding milk, ice and blending.


Noshncoffee Shannon
Noshncoffee Shannon

Come and sample our hospitality!

Our opening times are as follows:

  • Monday - 9-5
  • Tuesday - 9-5
  • Wednesday - 9-5
  • Thursday  - 9-5
  • Friday - 9-6
  • Saturday - 9.30 - 5.00

Student Special

€5 Drink & Sandwich & Crisps*

€4 Drink & Sandwich

€3 Drink & Cake

€2 Cup Cake / Muffin / Tub of icecream*

€1 Pastry / Drink / Filter Coffee

* Can/filter coffee / 2 Sandwich fillings
* Any three for €5


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Great food 
Nosh+Coffee offers its business customers a range of food solutions. Whether you are having a working lunch or an office function, or just want to beat the queue we can provide you with a tailor made food and coffee option to suit all budgets.

No Charge
Great food
Great coffee 
Treat yourself to the best coffee in Shannon
No Charge
Great coffee
Weekly Special 
Our special at the moment is a mug of soup and sandwich for only 6
Price: €6.00
Weekly Special
Cup Cakes 
Cup Cakes
Price: €2.00
Cup Cakes
Ice Cream Special 
Ice Cream Special
Price: €1.00
Ice Cream Special
Selection of Wraps 
Selection of Wraps
No Charge
Selection of Wraps

Contact details for NoshnCoffee

Contact:John Quirke
Address:Skycourt Shopping Centre

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