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OOYO™ Sports is a social commerce website for promoting sports and fitness activities and the retail of branded sports and fitness products. OOYO™ Sports will provide a free advertising resource for sports clubs, sports events, fitness classes and sports therapyl.

OOYO™ Sports caters for all types of sports and fitness activities.  Many charity organisations in Ireland use our resource to promote their fundraising events, such as fun runs, charity treks and challenges.  Event Organisers can simply register online and upload their events and activities.  


OOYO Sports Online Sports Shop

OOYO Sports Online Sports Shop also retails quality branded sports and fitness products aimed at runners, triathletes, gaelic football gloves, Camogie Skorts, Foam roller, running gear and products for those interested in fitness.  Products can be purchased on line or team and club can available or our customisation service by contacting us directly.  


OOYO Sports T shirt Printing and Personalised Hoodies

OOYO Sports Embroidery and Printing Service for customised sportswear, t shirt printing and personalised hoodies and sports products.  Our embroidery or printing allows clubs, teams, corporate businesses or event organisers to add their logos, brands, crests and promotional messages to t shirts, hoodies, Polo shirts, sports apparel and sports products. 

T Shirts Printing

Printed T shirts have long been recognised as an effective promotional tool for many events organisers and businesses.  OOYO Sports provides a t shirts printing service, with a design mock up service and readily available promotional sports products, t shirts, hoodies and merchandise. 

Customised Sportswear with Embroidered and Printed Logos and Crests

OOYO Sports offer an embroidery and printing service to allow clubs, teams, event organisers and corporate business to brand and promote their activities.  OOYO Sports has ready access to thousands of branded products that can be readily customised to your requirements.

Find out more about our services and view samples at our customised focused showroom and sports shop  22 Hills Industrial Estate, Lucan, Dublin, Ireland.


OOYO Sports retails a wide range of products in our online sports shop as well as offering an embroidery and printing service for customised sportswear, t shirt printing and personalised hoodies and or promotional merchandise.


Gaelic Football Gloves, GAA Gloves

GAA Gloves from ATAK sports are available to purchase in our online sports shop with options to choose from a wide variety of styles that are made to suit all tastes.  ATAK Sports GAA Gloves or Gaelic footballs Gloves have been quality engineered to offer the optimal grip even in the wettest weather conditions.  Gaelic football gloves are available in a wide variety of sizes with sporty designs to suit adult and junior GAA Players. 

Durability and comfort is enhanced with the specially formulated latex foam.   The superior GRIP of ATAK Sports newest design in the GRIPTEX Gloves will be hard to beat with added support for the wrist deliver with the wider adjustable wristband. 


Camogie Skorts, Hockey Skorts from ATAK Sports

Camogie and hockey skorts from ATAK Sports can be purchased in OOYO Online Sports Store.   Camogie skorts have been designed for durability and comfort with a sporty and stylist design.   ATAK Sports have made these Camogie skorts and hockey skorts with wide fitting that reduces that clingy feeling.

Camogie and hockey skorts are available in both adult and Junior sizes with an options to choose from a wide range of colours and sizes. 

Check out OOYO Sports Camogie skorts and hockey Skorts Video

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a versatile, inexpensive piece of fitness equipment that can be used to release muscle tension and trigger point knots.   Foam roller can reduce the risk of injury for athletes through a process known as self myocfascial release or self massage. 

A wide variety of foam roller are available online from a travel size foam roller, GRID foam roller, Grenade foam roller and EVA foam roller. A foam roller can be used for core stabilisation exercise, for reducing muscle injury and tension and pre and post runs or exercise. Your choice of foam roller will depend on whether you are a beginner or experience user, whether you want a hard foam roller or dimpled or ribbed foam roller for a greater effect.   Foam roller users can check out the various styles and brands of Foam Roller in OOYO Sports Online Sports Shop

OOYO Sports Customisation and Personalised Sportswear

T Shirt Printing Event Promotion

OOYO Sports offers a quality t shirt printing design and service for event promotion.   With ready access to thousands of quality products we work with you to optimise your event promotion and t shirt printing design.

Optimally designed t shirts will deliver the desired effect during your event with the added benefit of a prolonged promotion after that event when participants continue to wear tastefully designed t shirts.  OOYO Sports will work with you to optimise your colour and your t shirt printing design to help you achieve your goal.

Whether you are looking for technical running t shirts for marathons and events or whether you are looking for summer camp t shirts or hoping to promote your business we can provide you with an embroidery and printing service to meet your requirements.  

Customised Sportswear for Clubs and Team

 OOYO Sports provides an embroidery and printing service for customised sportswear for teams, clubs and events.   Logos, brands, clubs crest and corporate sponsor details can be added to your selection of sportswear to personalise your team wear and provide you with a promotional opportunity.     We can embroider your club crest or logo or create a unique design for you and your team.    Talk to OOYO Sports about our customised sportswear.   We have ready access to thousands of sports products and apparel including hoodies, GAA hoodies, technical or sports t shirts and equipment. 

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Web page:www.ooyosports.com

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