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The best recipes to Lose Weight Easily

Consider the goal of weight loss is not no pleasure, recognize that our habits are not the most suitable and that we need to change them. The first step to achieve this is the power, where more mistakes tend to commit, and for this it is necessary to develop a healthy and balanced diet.

This does not mean that we should resign ourselves to eat sad salads and steaks on the grill without substance. There are a variety of rich and healthy recipes that we can use to eat without starving but not overdo the calories. In women journal we suggest some simple and delicious menus for any time of the day.

Healthy and Delicious Slimming without Suffering Recipes

For breakfast we offer you to combine fiber, dairy and fruit. It may be a piece of fruit of the season with a yogurt and a few crackers; a bowl of milk with whole grains with chocolate and fruit; either an integral toast with cheese and a glass of juice. Try the milk is skimmed to not add unnecessary calories

In food, we must combine proteins and vegetables. A salad of lettuce, tomato and carrot and a grilled turkey breast, or some chicken thighs grilled with lemon and accompanied by cooked vegetables. You can also combine everything in a single dish, like for example with a spinach salad with radishes and tuna or smoked salmon. If you are going to exercise in the afternoon you can incorporate a few carbohydrates of accompaniment, pasta or rice, or boiled potatoes.

Dinner should be lighter day meal, since we will not physical effort then to burn the calories. In the warmer months with fruit salads will be the best option, or dishes as the melon with ham. In winter we can opt for cream or soup of vegetables, accompanied by hake grilled, roasted salmon or an omelet with mushrooms. For dessert, alternating pieces of seasonal fruit and low-fat yogurt, you can go to varying components of the recipes that we propose you to suit your tastes and make that your diet is more varied.


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