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Benefits to the company: More and more organisations are recognising that there are times when it can be of benefit to give staff time away from their work station for a relatively short period of time for them to have a treatment in the work place that helps relieve the effect and symptoms of stress which provides an energising and up lifting effect on the mind and body.

Helping us take care for our holistic health: These treatments allow us to feel more creative in our thinking in the work place helping with problem solving, improved alertness and concentration levels. With reducing absenteeism and improving morale. All of which can increase productivity while showing a demonstration of a commitment to staff. Overall helping to take care of our holistic health both mentally and physically.

An Energising Holistic Health Treatment: Calm & Clear aims to make it as easy as possible to receive a seated Acupressure Massage treatment. By removing traditional obstacles our massage treatments can fit right in with modern day living.

A Healthy Work Place: The client leaves their work station for a short Acupressure treatment that will make them feel more focused on their work tasks as they will be re-energised and more creative. 

Contact details for On-Site-Chair-Massage

Contact:Kathleen O'Connor
Address:Blathu Clinic. Dublin city Center

Telephone:089 - 4818624
Web page:H o li s t I c c l i n i c b l a t h u .com

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