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Wise Choices For You & Your Golfing Environment

Discover the greenest options for you and your Golfing world.

Organic ~ Bamboo ~ Hemp ~ Recycled ~ Sustainable ~ Vintage  

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Why Organic Golfing?....

How long will our current systems be able to keep us alive before the systems themselves kill us?

Populations and societies continue to grow at an accelerating rate. The earth, seemingly, is getting smaller. How many can live here? And what definition do we want to use for the word “live”? Are we talking about live, as in on a life support system? Or are we thinking more in terms of enjoying our lives, our environment and the people who fill it?

There are vast tracts of land still mostly unoccupied on our planet. We don’t want to live there because of hostile environments. What could be a more hostile environment than being confined within a city of millions of people, essentially on life support? Our food is shipped in and rarely fresh. Apparently it has little value in nourishing our bodies. Our clothes are made from synthetic materials that we don’t understand, in countries that we can’t locate without a map. The fumes and ash from the fuel used by our transportation systems destroy our air, and their spillage destroys our water. How long will our life-support systems be able to keep us alive before the systems themselves  kill us?

What is organic living? There are several definitions of the word “organic.” The definition we’re most familiar with refers to our food.

Organic                                                                                                                             : of or relating to foodstuff grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or hormones; organic eggs; organic vegetables; organic chicken, etc.
: simple, healthful and close to nature, as in an "organic lifestyle"

Feel the gentle benefits of our inspiring eco friendly clothing& products.


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