Performance Therapy Clinic

If you suffer from:

  • A sports Injury;
  • Persistent migrane or headaches;
  • Back injuries;
  • Neck Pain;
  • Stress or
  • Occupational Injuries

We can help

Performance Therapy Clinic uses a range of techniques including Physical Therapy, Neuro-muscular therapy, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to deal with these muscular ailments.

We also offer Orthopaedic Sports Massage and Sports and Remedial Therapy

Let us help you.

We offer 1 hour therapy sessions where the service will be dedicated to you. Call Odran O'Dwyer on (087 206 4434) to book an appointment.

Performance Therapy Clinic Ireland



Odran O'Dwyer is a well known Sports person in Ireland, he was one of the most decorated stars on Kilmurray Ibrickane Gaelic Football team that won the Munster Championships and was on the Clare Gaelic Football team for 13 years. He also represented Ireland in the International Rules football match against Australia.

Odran has an extremely good knowledge of Sport and Sport Injuries and has supported a number of sports clubs in Ireland. He has close ties with the GAA and with the Gaelic Football and Hurling community.

Odran O'Dwyer - Gaelic Football champion
Odran O'Dwyer Qualifications:

Bachelors degree in Sports and Fitness from the University of Glasgow
Licenced practitioner in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (http://www.tcmci.ie/)
H.Dip. qualification in Physical Neuro-Therapy

B.Tec Sp. H Dip NMT Lic. Acu T.C.M.  T.C.M.C.I.   A.N.M.T.

Acupuncture Council of Ireland

Robert Staunton's Dublin 2007 Report

Twelve months ago I ran DCM in a time of 3:03. Not bad considering I strained my left quad and groin three and a half weeks before the big event that limited my mileage from 0 to 25 to 48 on the three weeks leading into it. Those three weeks were spent splashing around a pool and doing boring core work in the gym. But thanks to persistence and Odran O'Dwyer's sports injury clinic in Ennis, I was at the start line and did well, taking thirteen minutes off my 2005 time... Read more

Robert Staunton Dublin Marathon

Seamus Power

Seamus Power, gets his Muscles treated by Odran O Dwyer following his ninth All-Ireland Inter county cross country win... Read more


Acupuncture is a complex medical system that is used to diagnose and treat illness, prevent disease and improve well being. It can focus on physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual problems. Acupuncture can be used alone or combined with other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, commonly known as TCM

Visit Acupuncture Council of Ireland

Acpupuncture Council of Ireland



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Contact details for PTC

Contact:Odran O' Dwyer
Address:No. 1 Station Road
Telephone:087 206 4434
Mobile:087 206 4434

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