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Parenthood.ie is a free online magazine for Irish parents. Following parents from the very start with articles on fertility, pregnancy, parenting and much more. Dealing with all aspects of family life, helping it to run smoothly.

The idea of Parenthood.ie slowly grew after editor Barbara Finucane gave birth to her twin girls and had to change her life upside down. Barbara soon realised that good, relevant advice was hard to get without reading thick parenting books. Books often have only one solution to any parenting problem. Professional advice was easy to find, but how to make it work in real life and on Irish terms was another issue.

Parenthood.ie's objective is to be a web portal for Irish families and parents, also to be a resource where parents can find help and advice for all parental needs. Parenthood.ie hopes to give you several solutions for one problem, and let you as a parent choose which best suits you and your family.

Eventhough Parenthood.ie touches on serious subjects we want to convey a positive and fun attitude towards parenting and family life, while facilitating the day to day parenting issues for families.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments, ideas and requests on info@parenthood.ie as we appreciate any feedback from our readers and users.

Visit us today at http://www.parenthood.ie/.

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Contact:Barbara Finucane

Web page:www.parenthood.ie

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