Quick Questions and Accurate Answers (QQAA)

Questions and answers for the Junior Cycle Science Curriculum developed by students for students.

As students ourselves we knew only too well the difficulties of trawling through huge textbooks so we decided to compile our own set of notes. As exams are essentially a series of questions and answers, it made sense to format our notes in a similar fashion. After all, perfect practice makes for perfect results.

Our question and answer format allows students to have fun while studying by having quizzes with each other. It also enables parents to get involved in their children's education and to test their children without any scientific knowledge themselves.

Doodleboxes are included throughout the book so students can jot down their own thoughts and notes, which will add to the learning, understanding and memorising processes.

Question bubbles are strategically placed throughout the book to repeat some of the most important questions and reinforce the key concepts.

The book has proven to be a huge success and has been endorsed by teachers, parents and students around the country as an excellent revision tool, especially when under pressure in the run up to exams as its unique approach is more time efficient than the traditional methods. 
Quick Questions and Accurate Answers






Oil and Gas

Oil and gas...


Retail industry...


Electronics industry...


Aerospace industry...

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure...


Healthcare industry...

Medical Devices

Medical devices...


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