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Questions On The Day Of Judgement


The day of the judgement is the time of decision for all type of people. But very good for the pious and righteous people who involve in the accurate things and who close to the Allah. On the day of judgement, you have to answer all the question, all your life which you spend in this world your adult age, your old age, your young age, everything you have to answer to the Lord. The messenger of Allah said that this world is like fields of agriculture and you have to cultivate on the betterment of your life and this is the how you cultivate best and work hard then Allah will be with you in any case. When Muslims go for hajj and Umrah with the packages like Group Umrah Package with flights, then they count that thing in best deed for the day of the judgment. Their paper of good deeds will be full with the great reward of the Umrah. In hadith, the great saying of the Ali-Ibn-E-Talib said that if you are the right person and for the righteous believers of the Almighty Allah, then for you this world is like trading house, where they earn the compassion of Allah in it so and they increase Paradise as profits for them. The great prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH) said that on the day of the judgement you don’t even take single walk without answering some questions like what’s your age, and how you spend it in this world, and what is the time of youth and how you used it. what is your wealth and how you collect it and how you spend it, and how much you love Allah and his prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH). Then Allah will ask from you about your obligations like prayer, fast and other things. This will be the time of accountability, what you done in this world and what you have done for here after. This is the day when you have to answer the lord about your whole life.


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