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QuickBooks software offers a number of advance features that help in recording transactions, billings, and other invoices. A user is able to generate a full invoice, estimate invoice before making any final bill. With this application, you are able to create balance sheet, income statements, easy to forecast business growth and so on.  

QuickBooks support team explains you a complete description of steps on how to create progress invoice in this software. Just follow these given steps and you are done with this process.

Steps to follow:  

Open your application, go to menu and click on customers to open create invoices. Once you do so then select customer job from the list and click job.

If you have created one or more estimated for the job, a new window will open where you need to select the estimate you want to create a progress invoice for customers.

Next, you need to select estimate and click “Ok” to continue, and a new window “Create Progress Invoice based on estimate” will open. There you can select how you want to create invoice in this application.

Before you press “Ok”, you need to make a selection based on the type of contract with the customers. In case, you need help then ask an expert and get complete information about invoicing options.

Next, you will find a window that shows “Specify Invoice Amounts For Items on Estimate”. Now you can enter amount, percentage, rate payable against each product you want to list on statement and in the end click on “Ok” button.

After that, go to print tab from the list, if you wish to see a preview, click preview option on create invoice window to view how it looks like.

Next, click on print and a printed copy of statement looks different than the other version.

When you get the invoice in the satisfied format click “Save and Close” and this way it gets automatically added to your account receivables side of accounting book.

In case, you need assistance in completing this task then make a call on QuickBooks support number. Experts guide you step-by-step to complete this process.


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