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Footbridge Interactive™ was established in 2010 to provide high quality learning support software, through fun and exciting animated stories. Our products have been initially developed to provide practice in areas of difficulty for children with dyslexia, but they will be of benefit to every child learning to read, who has problems reading, have difficulties with reading or want to improve fluency and comprehension in reading.

We believe that self esteem and motivation are what it’s all about. And we believe that each kid has their own unique intelligence and ability. The rest is about providing the platform to learn the skills they need to unlock that unlimited potential.

10% of all children are on the dyslexic spectrum (BDA). Exam failure, school dropout, social exclusion and unemployment are among the many individual consequences of these statistics.

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While dyslexic children hav  e the same levels of intelligence as other children, they often substantially underachieve in relation to their ability. Fluency and comprehension in reading can be impaired, even up to school leaving level, and with that, vast amounts of knowledge usually acquired through reading at school, is lost. And as a result, self-esteem among dyslexic students is often very low.

The Footbridge Interactive™ mission is to create fun literacy and reading games that are an engaging learning support software for children who experience difficulties with reading. Our first product, Reading Bridges™, is specifically developed to improve reading fluency and comprehension for children with dyslexia, though it will of course also benefit other children with reading delays or difficulties.

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