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Welcome to Royal Link Consultancy.We are the home of integrated and sophisticated business solutions provider. Be it company registration ,Compliance paperwork,Any company documents varying from profiles,bussiness plans,Letterheads etc  Wealso do graphic designing  be it Logos ,flyers ,banners,pamphlets etc Inneed of a landline number in less than 15min? Talk to us .We provide virtual landlines in a few minutes.Unity and coherence is created between your current sim card and the landline number,n o need to buy a new phone .it's now as easy as ABC to have your own landline number .Contact us today for a free quote !!! SocialMedia Marketing  is of paramount importance in this world of gadget crazy people.We manage and link you up with potential customers everyday ."They are big because they advertise,they advertise because they are big ".Marketing is the back borne of every organization,thus the manufacturing of new clientele for every  service providing company  Forany Business related inquiries ,do not hesitate to contact us on 

0671962789 /WhatsApp 0842477775/landline 012 516 0975 Facebook(Royal Link Consultancy) Instagram (Royallinkconsultancy )


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Contact:Prince Mungate
Address:16 Merriman Ave Harmonie Building First floor
South Africa
Web page:royallinkconsultancy

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