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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the management and optimisation of a website in order to achieve the highest rankings possible on the major search engines. Search engines order the search results presented to a user according to search engine proprietary algorithms. These algorithms are seldom disclosed and therefore SEO specialists need to develop a knowledge of the workings of search engines in order to make an intelligent 'guess' on which factors are critical to search engines for determining the order of these results.

Search Engine OptimisationServices

We provide a range of SEO services including:

  • Consulting,
  • Site Audit,
  • SEO tools

Companies like CreatorSEOSEOMoz, HubSpot etc. provide tools for Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services

CreatorSEO™ is a Irish company with offices in Limerick and in Dublin. We therefore are able to provide SEO consulting services to companies throughout Ireland. Our SEO services include:

  1. SEO Tools (Worldwide)
  2. SEO Consultancy (Ireland and the UK)
  3. SEO Advice (Worldwide)
  4. Internet Marketing (Ireland and United Kingdom)
  5. Free SEO tracking reports (Worldwide)

Customer Focus

Our approach to SEO in Ireland is to work closely with our clients to help them to achieve the web presence and ranking needed togrow their business. As far as possible we like to engage the client in the process of SEO and we provide regiular feedback to clients.

Metrics Based company

Our SEO approach always is to base our decisions and guage our success on numbers. Our measurements are based on our clients requirements and targets. We always start with a baseline and measure our progress against this baseline. Typical metrics could be ranking on major search engines, click through rate, conversions etc.

SEO Systems

As we are the only SEO company in Ireland to provide our proprietary tools for measurement and improvement of SEO, we are at a distinct advantage. Not only are our tools continually developing as we discover more insights into the Search Engine ranking algorithms, but, through our development work and ranking tests we have the highest level of technical understanding of the science behind search engine algorithms.

Process approach

All our SEO projects follow a clear set of process stages. Our processes are available for anyone to look at and have proven their worth over and over again in our SEO projects throughout Ireland and the UK.



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Contact:John Caldwell
Address:Fia Rua, Deerpark
Telephone:061 513267
Mobile:086 2410295

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