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As per recent shopping survey and statistics, more than 50% of the customers spend their 3/4th of their shopping time in getting information about that particular product. It is also evident that when it comes to online shopping, the prime factor that most of the buyers seek is a search engine. This means that your website should be optimized for natural search when it comes to the success of your business. If we look closer into this thing through the geographical factor, it is not a surprise factor that Google is and will be the prime leader in the Ireland when it comes to search engines as it accounts for almost three out of four searches by the users. So, search engine optimization in Ireland is a must in order to ensure that your website will rank in the top search engines like Google when a user searches for any of products/services offered by you.

What is SEO?

Merely having a website is of no worth if it has no significant visibility in the search engine results. It is crucial for websites and online stores to keep their website structured and optimized along with relevant content for enjoying greater visibility in top searches of search engines that will increase your business and sales eventually. Some of the topnotch benefits of SEO for websites are as follows:

  • Improvement in Search Engine Ranking
  • Diversion of quality-based traffic to website
  • Increased sales conversion
  • Minimized bounce rate
  • Engagement of customers
  • Enjoyment as authentic website in your niche
  • Promotion of business at local and international level

Implementation of SEO in e-commerce Websites

Contradictory to general belief, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not just building links all over the internet. It is quite more than that only professional SEO expert is aware of. There are hundreds of factors that must be taken care during the consideration of optimization of websites as per specific search engines. A solid SEO strategy is always a judicial selection of keywords, content and website optimization. When an SEO expert initiates the optimization process, it requires a detailed understanding the business of client and the on-page structure of that particular website apart from the posting and link building part. The basic goal remains the same to ensure that search engines easily crawls your website as per the keywords selected by you.

As per present scenario, on-page optimization of the website has also become one of the prime points to be taken into consideration. A well-structured website along with quality-based has good chances of ranking foremost in the search engines.

Another important thing is that SEO is not a permanent solution for higher search engine ranking due to ever-changing algorithms of search engines. It is a slightly long-term process. It may look easy to gain higher rankings in the search engines but sustaining higher ranking is something more difficult. So, whether your business website has higher or lower ranking, SEO will always end up as a helping hand for your business,

Is SEO for Local Business Important?

Gone are the days of yellow pages to explore local business – people use the internet today. As per recent Google's survey for Ireland, almost 90% of the internet users utilize search engine related to their local searches. So it becomes quite evident that the local or global businesses should mark their strong presence over the internet and make sure that they list in local as well as global searches.

Look the statistics given below to clear up your doubts.

  • 20% of all the searches are confined to location.
  • 43% of the search engine users looking for localized businesses.
  • 61% of the local search results converts into sales.
  • 74% of internet users rely on local search results.
  • 82% of local search engine users uses offline contact to make their purchase, either online or offline.

So, we hope that there are enough points explained and justified to let businesses know the power of SEO services in Ireland. If you too want to feel the need of services for SEO in Cork or Search Engine Optimization in Ireland, look for authentic SEO experts like The Digital Department. But remember, don't rest your SEO demands in the hands of amateurs. Always choose the reliable names of SEO services in Ireland.



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