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This Christmas festival originated in western countries, for each country Christmas customs and you know how much? This class to talk about western festivals and customs, Christmas time they will send what gift to give their beloved?

Gift: a country Christmas customs

Methods / procedures

1.Britain Christmas

British Christmas is the most emphasis on food, food including roast pig, Turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas patties. Every family has a gift, the servant also has, all the gifts delivery on Christmas morning. Some were singing carols along the door-to-door singing reported more good news, they will be invited to the house owner, the use of tea reception, small gifts or gifts

2.The United States of America Christmas
Because the United States is composed of many ethnic groups of the country, Americans celebrate Christmas is also the most complex cases, immigrants come from countries are still much according to the customs of their motherland. However, in the Christmas period, the Americans door hung with garlands, and other unique layout is the same.

3.France Christmas

France's most adults, almost all in the Christmas Eve church to attend midnight mass. In the end, the family with the oldest married to the brother or sister's home, family reunion dinner. This meeting, to discuss family events, but in case of family disharmony, then also the hatchet Bingyi, everyone has to become reconciled, so the Christmas is a kind of days in france.

4.Spain Christmas

Spain's children will put shoes at the door or window, to receive Christmas gifts. In many city has the most beautiful gifts to the children. The cow get good treatment in the day can also. It is said that Jesus was born, there was a cow to him to let out to make him get warm.

5.Italy Christmas

Each family of Italy, all put model scene the birth of Jesus story. On Christmas Eve, the family reunion dinner, Christmas mass at midnight. After completion, went to visit relatives and friends, only the children and the old people get a gift. On Christmas day, the Italians have a good custom, the childs composition or write poetry, thank their parents for their upbringing in a year. Their works, before the Christmas dinner, was hidden underneath napkin, dishes or tablecloth, parents pretended not to see. After they finished the dinner, he put it back, to read.

6.Sweden Christmas

The Swedes are very hospitable, Christmas, more obvious, the United States is a family, rich or poor, are all welcome to friends, and even strangers can go to, all kinds of food on the table, letting people to eat.

7.Switzerland Christmas

Switzerland's Santa Claus is wearing a white robe, wearing a mask. They are made from a poor man, in to the people for food and gift. In the team, they will split the proceeds.

8.Ireland Christmas

Every family in Ireland, on Christmas Eve, have placed a candle lights in the windows or doors, welcomed the birth of the savior.

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