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Frustrating study

"I'm putting in endless hours of study but nothing seems to stick;"

"I keep putting it off and making excuses. I'm stressed out but I just can't make myself start."

"I seem to have lost all my motivation -  I just don't care anymore"

Does one of these sound like you? If so, you're like most students: you're not yet engaging your full learning power in this area. You may be putting in effort but it's going nowhere. Ineffective study is like revving in neutral - lots of noise and smoke but no forward progress.

Here's the good news though: it doesn't have to be like this. Everyone can learn to learn better.

Effective study

Effective students understand themselves as learners. They work with their brains instead of against them. They learn more in less time and are able to relax without that nagging guilty feeling. They take charge of their learning instead of being overwhelmed by it and take exams and assessments easily in their stride.

Study coaching can help you to develop the skills and understanding that will allow you to make the most of your study time ...and even to enjoy it!

Study Coaching

  • Like sports coaching - only for study. Study coaching can help you to:
  • Improve your understanding of how you learn best
  • Create a study plan and get help in following it
  • Learn study strategies and techniques that really work
  • Understand your motivation: what makes you want to learn and what makes you switch off
  • Identify your study blocks and make a plan to deal with them
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Set up good learning habits to last a lifetime

Who is it for?

While exam year students are the most likely to be interested in improving their study techniques and can certainly benefit, the ideal situation is to do this work well ahead of time, in order to have the skills really well practiced before the pressure comes on. College students and mature students can also benefit.

Set up study coaching today

Like sports coaching, study coaching involves regular learning sessions. This allows you to try out new ways of working and review and adjust them at the next session, gradually developing the habits that work best for you. The sessions are held in your own home (1 mile radius of Killarney/Killorglin). You can choose to work one to one or cut costs by working in a group.


Individual sessions
40 minute sessions €20
Group sessions (3-6 students - sessions in one house only)
40 minute sessions €10 per head
It is recommended that a minimum of four appointments is made at time of booking.  Please give 24 hours notice of change or cancellation.

Note to parents

Please do not book study coaching sessions in order to pressure your child to study harder or longer. This will not work and will be unpleasant for all involved. Coaching is about working with each students individual motivation and external pressure will work against this.

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