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The course will be user friendly and interactive. The user will be taught through different mediums. Ranging from text to diagrams, there will also be short 30 second video clips to get different messages across which either cannot be explained through text or can be explained better through a video. It also will keep the user interested as they could lose interest or get bored by consistently reading text. The reason for the videos only being 30 seconds long is anything longer and the user might lose interest in video. 30 seconds should just be long enough to get the message across and keep the users attention.

 With regards on how the user will be evaluated it will be done through a combination of different tests and techniques ranging from theory questions consisting of a simple true or false section through to a more detailed section which will consist of the user given the details of a route, the weather conditions and landmarks and from this they will have to design their own route and give reasons why they think this is the best and safest possible route to take. The user will also be given map co-ordinates and asked what landmarks they correspond to. They will be given diagrams which they will have to fill in missing words or describe what they represent. So overall the user is going to be assessed through many different mediums and through a variety of different ways. This way we can access the user in a combination of ways and make sure they understand what they have learnt. The user will be tested after each section and will have to pass it before they can go onto the next section. Also at the end they will tested one more time on the overall course. If at any stage at the end of a module they fail the can go back and repeat it as many times as they like until they pass it, this way the user will get the opportunity to keep going back over the material until they get it right. But when it comes to the final test which will be more detailed and combine what has been learnt in all the previous modules combined together they will only get one opportunity to pass it, if they fail they will have to pay a small fee to repeat it, and will have to do the whole module all over again.

The e-learning course will consist of the following modules:

  • Hillwalking safety
  • Emergencies
  • safety
  • Equipment
  • Clothes
  • Equipment
  • Map reading
  • Co-ordinates
  • Route selection
  • Route planning
  • Navigation
  • Compass
  • Terrain
  • Bearings

Course syllabus - click here (PDF)

Target Audience

The audience the E-Learning course will be targeting will be a wide range of people ranging from both males and females ranging from 18 to 60 years of age. They will consist of young students who want to take another route into college as they might not have got the necessary points required from their leaving cert and want to use this course as a stepping stone in order to open more doors for them. It can be a starting point for people who want to progress onto becoming an official qualified hill walking guide, it can be done by people as part of becoming an activity leader In the likes of Cappanalea Activity Centre, or it can be done by anyone who wants to take up hill walking as a hobby or part of a get fit programme, but want to know the basics on how to navigate their way around and read maps and how to deal with emergency situations. The course will be done in conjunction with Mountaineering Ireland who are recognised as the National Governing Body for hillwalking in Ireland.

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