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The Electric Motor Shop is amongst the leading online stores to provide electric cars, electric bikes, electric moped, folding electric bikes and many more electric vehicles online. These electric vehicles are provided at the most competitive rates. We sell the products which includes a mixture of various established brands and our own z41 brand. The products provided on our online store are 100% authentic and reliable.

The Electric Motor Shop is one of the established online stores that provide a wide range of Electric Vehicles at compatible rates. Our wide range of electric vehicles includes Electric Scooter, Electric Moped, Electric Car, Self-Balancing Scooter and many more. These electric vehicles are from various leading brands and their own z41 brand. The Electric Motor Shop provides these electric vehicles in various colours and specifications.

Choose an electric bike from wide range of adult electric scooters, motorbikes online at The Electric Motor Shop. It is a one stop shop that will meet all your electric scooter needs in the UK, at the most affordable rate. Prefer one of the best alternative of driving by choosing electric moped at The Electric Motor Shop. They provide an extensive range of electric mopeds online at the most reasonable rates. Electrify your ride! With a larger deck, frame and tyres for adult rider in UK, online at The Electric Motor Shop. Their adult electric scooters are designed by considering the needs of all adults. To buy your adult electric scooter, visit their website today. Pick up one of off-roading electric mountain trek bikes, atThe Electric Motor Shop. They provide a wide range of electric mountain bike for sale at affordable rates. To book your electric mountain bike visit their website today.

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Contact:The Electric Motor Shop
Address:Scanview House, 86-90 Paul Street

United Kingdom
Telephone:020 3286 4834

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