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How To Resolve Booting Problem In Your Toshiba Laptop


Toshiba is one of the most demanded computer brands in the corporate sector and it has a good number of loyal customers. Like any other brands, Toshiba laptops have its share of problems and issues as well. One of the existing concerns is the booting issue. It is one of the very regular problems for any laptop and since, the brand has a specific method to fix the problem and there is nothing to worry.










Before getting freaked out about the matter or taking it to Toshiba Support for repairs, you must consider options available to backup personal files and restore the computer. Don’t underestimate the power of internet and try to take things on your hands for a while. First of all, you have to understand the root of the issue and then resolve it respectively:

How to Identify the Root Cause of Booting Error?

If your computer is not turning on at all, most likely the problem resides in the battery. If you can see the issue at the BIOS screen, but the PC turns off after showing the error, the problem is on your hard drive. If it shows the Microsoft Windows loading screen and powers off during the process, then the problem is in the Operating System.

  • When The Problem Is With Battery

Plug in the computer and power it on. If the laptop is working with the plugged cord, then the problem is with battery and it needs to be replaced.

  • When The Problem Is With Operating System

First try to boot in "safe mode". While turning on the laptop, press the F8 key twice to enter a command menu and use the arrow keys to select "safe mode". Next, follow the instructions. In case, the device fails to boot normally, run a disk defragment program. If that doesn’t work as well, go to the safe mode again, back up personal files and reinstall the operating system from the disk.

  • When The Problem Is With Hard Drive

Listen carefully and if you hear any ticking sound emitting from the computer, this indicates that your hard drive is low in space. In that case, the hard dish will require a replace or must be emptied at the earliest.

The above mentioned methods will clearly do the job but in case you are lacking time or energy to go through the process, you can contact Toshiba Customer Care Number 092805567 for assistance. We resolve other computer and laptop related issues as well. We have a set of professionals to guide you through various solutions.



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