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'To some have been given the splendor of colour; to others the power of force; to others the balance of harmony; and to yet others the suddenness of contrast between the two; and, the beauty of form. There is no difference of style in the highest sphere of art, only a difference in execution best fitted to the temperament of the artist' (Haydon, Lectures 1-19)

Excellence can be summed up as being art beyond the superficial, art beyond the obvious; art directed by a dynamic insight into the mechanics of the medium. The ability and insight of the artist to control and direct the very basics of the mechanisms involved in painting is of paramount importance - discipline and critical introspection are essential to the final result. In other words, the artist must become sensitive to known parameters of excellence in order to attain a fresh, spontaneous and vital work of art. Street Scene in Africa The creativity within society needs to be awakened, albeit in a latent observer manner. The requirements for achieving excellence can be summed up as .. “ a little talent and a lot of hard work".

To see more of my work visit my portfolio of wippawool.com where I have placed over 200 images showing my art and the range of styles and topics that I have worked on through my art.

Marls - Artist I strive to capture in my art this beautiful land, from the heat of Africa to the cool, turbulent waters of its oceans and I am able to loose myself completely in the joy of creation as in small measure I cross beyond self imposed barriers to my own interpretation of this wonderful gift of life.



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Contact:Marlene Dickerson
Address:Kolossi House, Drumline
Newmarket on Fergus
Web page:http://www.wippawool.com

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