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Keela Communications provide the means by which companies and individuals can promote their product / service online through the medium of Video



Why Online Video Marketing is so important to your business…

Corporate films and videos have a host of applications, maybe you want to produce a video for training and motivating employees or maybe you would like to promote new products.

Whatever your requirements we can create extensive publicity with our corporate films and videos, when packaged as a video news release.

Our goal is to create corporate films and videos, which highlight the benefits of your products / services while presenting your company’s strengths.

Research shows that you have just 8 seconds to grab your website visitors’ interest. They don’t call it “web-surfing” for nothing; if you don’t grab your visitors’ attention and break this pattern of behaviour, then they will hit your site, stay for a few seconds… and then they’re gone. Usually forever!

Not a long time. But given the exponential growth of the internet and explosion of information, web users quickly decide if a site has value.

Major search engines have made a remarkable discovery – the bounce back rate (the rate at which people enter a site and then immediately hit the BACK button and leave without doing anything) for any given site is pretty high. Nearly 90%. That means 9 out of 10 people leave your site immediately. Why?

Mostly because they don’t see what they were looking for right away and go back to the search page that referred you. Only 1 in 10 stay.

Now here is what Google and other search engines discovered – that rate drops to 60% when there is a video on your home page. That means 4 out of 10 people stay if a video plays when they arrive. FOUR times as many people stick around.

Quality video production has never been more affordable as it is now. Technology has lowered the costs of cameras and equipment for video professionals and that is reflected in price of production. If you want to stay competitive online you simply must have an engaging video about what you do. In fact, it will most likely increase your sales.


Keela Communications
Keela Communications

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KEELA Communications Online Marketing Videos 
- Professionally produced, high quality videos.

- KEELA Communications provide online video for individuals and companies in all business sectors

- All the videos produced are suitable for online applications. Videos are made to ensure high level of

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KEELA Communications  Online Marketing Videos

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