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Thinking of Getting a Website?

By not having a website you are losing Business and your customers could find your competition online. There are many factors why it is your number 1 marketing tool.





1. Website Design That Will Attract New Customers

Having an attractive and user-friendly site will give your potential customers your first impression. Most people will spend less than 8 seconds on your website. So, by having a web design that stands out and that represents your company in the best possible way will help increase potential customers. On the other hand, if you have no website, then your new customers will find your competitors instead.


2. The Web is Like a Phone Book

Everyone uses the web to find information or products or services they need. Search Engines such as Google are now the place to find local businesses. It is vital that you have an online business so that existing customers, referrals or new potential customers can find your company.





3. Can Save You Time

By displaying all your products and services online can save you time giving the reader everything they need to know before they make contact. This can save valuable time over the phone. By incorporating an FAQ can also provide valuable information to the reader and educate them more on your products or services.



4. Brand Awareness

By having an Effective Website created by local web Designer will allow your company to reach new Customers in many ways. Without one your company won't reach anywhere near its full potential in creating awareness. It will also increase the value of a company and makes finding new customers easier.



5. 24/7 Advertising 

Web pages are advertising your Business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your website is your best sales person and can serve your customers at any time. Since it is operational around the clock your customers and clients can easily access your services or purchase products in their own time.


6. Bottom Line

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, it is important to have a website. The more professional your web design is, the more advantages you can gain. This is where a local RDN Web Design can build your most effective marketing tool. 



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Located at 19 St Patrick's Hill in Cork city Centre at the corner of MacCurtain street and Patricks hill.

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