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Popular CMS platforms for website development in Ireland

Gone are the days of hard-coding of HTML pages and CSS, it is the age of CMS or content management systems when it comes to website development. It does not matter whether you want a professional ecommerce store or a simple informative website to mark your presence on the internet, the best option to opt for websites in Ireland in Content Management Systems.

When it comes to custom-developed websites, the maintenance cost associated with them are sky-rocketing. So, it is advised to opt for website development in Ireland on popular CMS platforms to save larger budget on development and maintenance. CMS based websites are also ideal from the perspective of usability, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. The best part being, most of the CMS platforms are free to download and use.


Following is the list of some of the most popular content management systems prevailing in the market that are cherished by the topmost brands for their websites. Have a look on all these!


WordPress: As the most popular user-friendly content management system, WordPress is the foremost choice of the websites, either small or big. Most of the businesses rely on this unique CMS for website development in Ireland. It gives the freedom to upload, manage and organize all sorts of content including blogs, images, videos, and tutorials with much ease. Apart from neat and tidy user interface, WordPress seems to the best for beginners and experienced users alike. Featured with more than 40,000+ free plugins and 2,100+ styles in themes, it is considered the most secure, reliable and pleasant among users. Websites based on WordPress: Xerox, Sony Music, BBC America, and TechCrunch.

Joomla!: for those who are geeky nerds in terms of coding, Joomla! is an ultimate game to play. This unique CMS platform is ideal for medium to large sized websites due to its coding factor which in turns gives the advantage of enhanced back-end integration and scalability. It is best known for its content management flexibility, native front-end content editing, and multiple languages integrations that make it more popular for international websites. Websites based on Joomla!: Harvard University, Linux, and MTV Greece.


Drupal: A large percentage of developers rely on Drupal for website development in Cork, Ireland due to its professional coding standards. With more number of unique themes and extensions, this CMS remains one of the most favorites for websites which are seeking secure content and standard layout. The wide group of support community for Drupal shows that it is the platform that demands the assistance of professional developers. Websites based on Drupal: Virgin, BBC Store, fox news, and

Magento: Considered as the best CMS for ecommerce website development in Cork, Ireland, Magento is powered with an extensive range of features that fulfills the extreme demands of any online store. For businesses and enterprises that need a CMS that can be handled ever by the non-tech users, Magento is the ultimate solution. Moreover, the release of Magento 2.0 has offered more new ways to stick to this unique ecommerce store building platform for reaching the best height in the businesses. Websites based on Magento: Nike, Gant, Huawei, Pepe Jeans, The North Face, and Adidas.


So, which CMS you will be choosing for website development in Cork, Ireland? If you are still in dilemma to make the best choice for your business website, contact us for a free consultation. We will be happy to help you


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