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Question? What if you could have whatever entertainment you ever dreamed of for your wedding music on your big day. Question ? What If you were able to choose the best wedding band, any wedding entertainers and every unique wedding idea that you ever wanted? 


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Answer ? Here is the ultimate and best wedding entertainment package ever, from start to finish, creating the most memorable day you will never forget ,

  • To start the day in the ceremony or the church;
  • Church Music ;
  • Opera singers or Amazing unique Wedding singers like Sephira Drinks Reception Music ;
  • Walkabout acts to mingle with the audience like The Havana Club Trio or a unique idea like a walkabout violinist Greeting Hosts;
  • Startroopers are Funny interactive greeting hosts and these Unique Entertainers that break the ice with the guests as they arrive and make them relaxed, everyone will want a photo of them with their Star Wars Heroes and it's the perfect wedding surprise gift or your groom.
  • Entrance for Meal; Wow factor celtic drummers to lead you into the room for the first time , it makes a bold statement it's loud , gets all the guests immediate attention, and it's magical and creates an unbelievable amount of energy in the room.
  • Music over the Meal; The Funky Buskers is a kind of supergroup , it's the ultimate acoustic trio , cool and relaxed and features Alan from Aslan and Pat Byrne the winner of the hit TV show the voice.
  • Unique Wedding Act for the End of the meal; The Opera Singing Waiters ( awarded best entertainer 2012) this "Surprise" act will deliver a standing ovation and that's a promise. Tailor your wedding music with opera, celtic music, or Ireland's call with everyone on their chairs cheering you on. Comedy;
  • While the bands djs and other artists get ready for the changeover why not include a 20min set from a well known comedy act like , Joe Rooney from Father Ted, Close up Funny magic from Jack Wise, or Stand up classic comedy style from Dave Young.
  • Special Guest; How about a Special guest or International act from uk or usa , with audionetworks sister company, AMA Music, we offer international wedding singers from a host of famous bands, from soul legends to chart singers from the 80's and nineties.
  • Wedding Band; Choose from a selection of the Best wedding bands in Ireland Click on this link here Top 10 x wedding Bands Videos Profile DJ ; Instead of the normal run of the mill DJ why not have a well known Profile DJ from Radio?
  • Tribute DJ Act; Just near the end of the DJ set, 60 minutes before it's about to end bring in a truly unique and alternative wedding idea with the tribute dj set from Daft Punk Tribute.
  • Silent Headphone Disco Party ; Loud music and volume is always an issue,late into the night , so what a better way to keep your party going on from 1:00am to 4am with no stress with a silent headphone disco.It's crazy fun, all your crew can enjoy the fun together and best of all no one will know your there.
  • Session Group for late bar; So you've made it to the early hours of the mourning and your ready to get to the residents bar....wind the whole evening down with your close friends and family with a cool session group like Hogan and Mann or a traditional Irish Band.

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Top Tip, great ideas and best prices !

I hope you enjoyed this wedding blog and best wishes on a wonderful peaceful day, ( Mark Downing is Director of Audionetworks Irelands leading expert on Music & Entertainment Artists Representing many of the Top Irish Artists for over twenty Years.)

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