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The Wild Atlantic Way

The West Coast of Ireland is renown for its natural, beauty and untamed splendour. If you haven't had the opportunity to experience the Wild Atlantic Way, there still is time in the place where time has all but stood still and nature rules supreme.

As most aptly stated on the official website for the Wild Atlantic Way:

Where land and sea collide. Where untamed beauty abounds... The Wild Atlantic Way

No matter how good the photographs, they cannot do justice to the real thing. The only way to experience the Wild Atlantic Way is to visit the West Coast of Ireland and see for yourself. Feel the wind off the Atlantic, breathe the clean fresh air and enjoy a view that cannot be described.

Ideally to join a tour group where you will be taken to all the magnificent viewing points, and possibly a traditional pub along the way.



The Wild Atlantic Way - 2500km of coastline along the West of Ireland.

The Wild Atlantic Way

The driving route passes through nine counties, stretching from Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal to Kinsale, County Cork. Attractions and designated places of interest are clearly marked along the route to assist visitors. There are 5 airports along the route, for ease of access to the Wild Atlantic Way.


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Contact:Failte Ireland

Telephone:+353 1 884 7101
Mobile:1800 24 24 73
Web page:www.wildatlanticway.com/

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