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Art is very important in our everyday lives. It can liven up the home, stir an emotion or celebrate the creativity of the talented people who are able to capture shape and light into their art. Wippawool is the only resource that artists need to freely display and advertise their work to a wide audience and to get the recognition that they deserve.

If you are an artist, then why not create a profile for yourself. If not, you can still create an account in order to get newsletters and updates from the site.  Alternatively, please feel free to browse the site and contact artists through the site.

The Wippawool Art Portal is dedicated to artists and their work. The primary purpose of the site is to promote art on the internet and allow collectors and art enthusiasts to interact with the artists.

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Contact:Clinton Dickerson

Mobile:+353 86 7734535
Web page:www.wippawool.com

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