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Flash Player is a freeware for using content created on the Adobe Flash platform including viewing multimedia contents, streaming audio and videos and much more. It was originally created by Macromedia but is now developed and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc. Updating flash player in the AOL Desktop Software is quite an easy task. You can do so after the download AOL Gold Customer Support Number.

You can update the Flash player in AOL Desktop software anytime you want with the help of some troubleshooting steps or also by taking help from support services. If you haven’t installed the updated version of this software then, visit the official site of Adobe Flash player to get and install it.

Open your AOL Desktop web browser and navigate to get the Flash Player update

elect your computer operating system from the drop-down menu

How select the latest version of Flash player

On the right side, click Download now

Once the file has downloaded, click on the notification and click ‘show in folder’

Double click on the flash player install file to start the installation

Approve the installation to continue if you receive any security warning based on your Operating system settings.

Follow the installation process until the new version of Flash has been installed

Restart AOL Desktop in order to complete the installation.

If you properly install AOL Gold at the time of download then there are fewer possibilities that you might confront some issue later on. Adding or updating the Flash Player, not only on desktop version but also on the mobile devices is not a difficult task.

You can utilize many of the features of this software at a time. From browsing the net to exporting and importing your personal data such as emails, favorites, contacts and address, automatic updates and advanced technology. With the two screen verification process, you can also make your account safe and secure. Moreover, you can customize the fonts and texts in the AOL Desktop version

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While browsing we always came across some website or page on which can be useful to us in near future. In order to minimize the time of searching it again in future, we save it in ‘Favorites’ from where it can easily accessible without wasting much time. The download existing aol account also allows you to save a dozen of the important website in their Favorites. So what are you waiting for? Just grab the opportunity to install AOL Desktop Gold instantly and manage your Favorite easily without doing hard work.

AOL Desktop Gold has gain popularity because of its:

automatic updates features

advanced technology.

customized text and font

Storing the contacts and Favorites in the server.

Talking about Favorites, in AOL Gold you have the access to

Save your Favorite and store them in the hard disk

Transfer favorite from one username to another

You can append or replace your Favorite to another id.

How to Retrieve AOL Gold Favorite:

For Retrieving the Favorite in your AOL Desktop Gold you just need to follow the guideline:

Retrieving the Favorite

Launch AOL Desktop Gold.

From toolbar click ‘Favorite’

Then click ‘Manage’ to open your Manage the Favorite place

After that save your Favorite place as a file on the computer

Type the name of the file and then save it

Transferring the Favorite

Login to AOL Desktop using another username

Click Favorite < Manage

If you want to replace existing Favorite then replace it from the file saved on the computer

If you don’t want to replace the existing Favorite then just add the file from the computer by which both previous and new favorite both can exist

After transferring the favorite you are still not able to access it then the problem can be because of internet connection or outdated software. To resolve this you need to update aol desktop gold tech support numberwith latest available version. If you are not able to perform the instruction as given then you can always get in touch with customer care who are available all day long to resolve the issue confronted by you.

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