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apple iphone price This phone is my second new iPhone, (3rd if you count an old iPhone 3G) and it is the best iPhone, and best Smartphone I have ever used BY FAR. The sweet Aluminum build and the wonderful sensor placement as well as the size and the thinness and lightness just make this thing BEAUTIFUL apple iphone manual,apple iphone 4g. (I use it without a case alot.) Although, it is a little overpriced, ($499 or $399 is more like it) I only had to pay $100 for it, with an early upgrade fee and getting $300 from an iPhone 4 I sold on eBay.

To sum it all up: Pros: - Fast - Good looking - Thin - Light - Simple to use - Good features - Wonderful resale value Cons: - Expensive - Soft aluminum, but you shouldn't be dropping it in the first place. This is a HUGE upgrade from an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in every way. The geekbench score is 6x higher than the 4 and 3x higher than the 4S and its VERY noticable. Highly recommend!

Wholesale Apple iPhone 4s 16GB White - Factory Unlocked

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