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Why have your car washed regularly?

Everyone loves a car that looks clean. So why would you keep your vehicle looking new?  The exterior of your car is the the first impression of how well looked after it is. By giving the exterior a regular car wash by hand from a professional company well help hold the value of your car when it comes to selling it. 


The best way to have your Car Washed

There are some areas where an automated wash wont reach and could also risk damaging the paint. By hiring a professional car wash and valeting company that will use the right products and give your vehicle the right care will ave you in the long run. Most companies will use ultra soft hand mitts that are gentle on your paintwork and use the right products to remove all grime and dirt dirt on all corners and top to bottom will be removed

When it comes to Selling or Trading In

When selling your vehicle or trading it in it will be obvious if it has been looked after over the period of ownership. No one likes to see a car covered in dirt and grime. By regularly having your vehicle washed by a professional will prevent a build up of dirt and grime over the time of ownership and keep the paintwork looking clean. The better the condition of your vehicle, the higher the resale or trade-in value. Regular cleaning can equate to a lot of money for your vehicles value.

How to save time and hasstle?

Don't have the time to bring your vehicle to car wash company. Some companies offer a collection and drop off so you can still enjoy your busy schedule. You can simply organise your car to be collected while you are at work or enjoying other activities. Simply have your vehicle washed and cleaned and brought back to you looking new again.


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