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Nike Free Run shoes offer a lightweight design that is ideal for those looking to combine performance and speed with a shoe that can be worn out and about. The Free Run range of shoes comes in a wide range of colours suitable for people of all ages and available in both Male and Female colours. Choose the free Run range of shoes if you are looking for an all round shoe that performs well in the gym and on the running field, without the look of a normal running shoe.

The Right Running Shoe


Traditional running shoes that have a thick sole that is not that flexible have long been favored by both experts and runners. Today there is a movement among runners that encourages barefooted running. Running barefooted is not really a new idea it has about a 30 odd year history but it seems to be experiencing a revival of sorts.


Barefoot running is exactly what the name implies. You run barefooted. Of course the only problem with barefoot running is that you are running barefooted which leaves your feet open to injury and to picking up some pretty rough germs.


The bottom line is exposing your feet to germs and injury worth the benefits that you would experience running barefooted?  Luckily thanks to Nike Free Run Trainers will allow you to get the barefooted benefits without exposing your feet to the dangers that are obvious.


The Benefits


There have been multiple studies conducted that have determined that traditional shoes still have there merits and some experts recommend that long distance runners continue to use the traditional shoe while others have not made a commitment either way.


The benefit of the running with the Nike Free Run Trainers is that your foot is forced to land as it would naturally. Traditional running shoes forces your weight down on your heel. It is estimated that the force of your weight on your heel is much greater than the force when the ball of your foot absorbs the brunt of the weight.


Studies have also shown that there is a reduction in ankle injuries and shin splints when you run as close to barefooted as possible. Some runners have reported feeling less fatigued on long marathon type runs when they are barefooted. Some short distance runners have also commented that they have improved their speed.


Nike Free Run Trainers


Running should be all about the comfort level that is right for you. Nike Free Run Trainers are a good option because they provide you with options. Using a unique numbering system you can choose from three different styles with different mid sole flexibility. The lower the number the more flexible the sole is.


The flexibility option is a great way to go from traditional running shoes to barefoot running shoes without having to make the transition over night. It is also a great option because you should be free to run the way you want to whether it is more of a traditional style or a style that is closer to being barefooted or somewhere in between! 

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