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ATT is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Texas. It is the world leader in communication and technology. There are many services provided by ATT, and webmail is one of them. Emails, nowadays have become an integral part of our daily lives. And this provider offers us to create and remove a disposable email account. A disposable email address allows you to send and reply to emails without sharing your real identity. Creating such an account is easy and you can do it, but if you find it difficult, get in touch with AT&T Technical Support  which is available round the clock.

Whenever you use a disposable address, your email address and name are not included in the sender information. This is very useful for protection from online threats. You will have to create an account ‘’. Once you choose this basename, you cannot change it. Also, you are free to create 500 disposable addresses.

Creating a disposable email address

  • Sign into ATT email.
  • Select the mail icon.
  • Select the gear icon in the upper right corner of settings
  • Select security
  • Across from disposable addresses, select create a base
  • Enter the base name and select create
  • Select add to create, enter a keyword to use
  • Select where you’d like the mail to be sent
  • Create a sending name, add any private notes
  • Select save.


  • Sign in to ATT email
  • Select the mail icon
  • Select the gear icon > settings
  • From the left-hand navigator bar, select security
  • Choose the account you want to delete and select, remove and select OK

In the times of data leaks and security threats, everyone is getting aware of prioritizing online safety as their first concern. It is actually the need of an hour and by creating disposable accounts you can always stay on the safer side. If you are unable to follow the above-mentioned steps, you can always take access to AT&T Technical support number where the technicians will help you in instantly resolving the issue permanently.

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