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At Deirdre K Ryan & Co Solicitors we pride ourselves at being a fully progressive law firm. We provide a client-focussed, proactive, efficient and streamlined legal service. As a forward-thinking and progressive firm, a full range of legal and debt recovery services is offered. The philosophy of Deirdre K. Ryan & Co. centres on providing pragmatic and solid legal advice, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our practice provides the following services to clients:

  • Debt Recovery: We have a designated Debt Recovery department and take pride in our vast experience in this specialist area. We also are unique in the Tools that we provide to our clients to manage their Debtor accounts.
  • General Legal Paractice:  We are able to provide all general legal services like Probate, EAT dispute resolution etc.

Client Login Secure Area

We believe that it is important to provide an open transparent legal service to our Debt Recovery clients (irrespective of whether they are established Credit Unions or if they are individuals). We have therefore implemented a Legal Feedback System that allows our clients to log in to the Client Login Secure Area on our server where they will have access to the latst information on their debtors and will have visibility of the legal progress. This software is unique to Deirdre K. Ryan & Co Solicitors and is offered to clients in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK).

Contact Us on 353 505 24616

Contact us directly by sending a note from this site or visit our main website or call us on 353 505 24616.

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Deirdre K Ryan Solicitors - Debt recovery, probate specialists


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Client Login Secure Area 
Clients can use the Client Login Secure Area on the DKRyan.ie website to view and manage their Debtor accounts. This Legal Feedback System is unique to Deirdre K Ryan & Co Solicitors.
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Client Login Secure Area

Contact details for DKRyan

Contact:Deirdre Ryan
Address:Credit Union House
Main Street, Roscrea
County Tipperary
Telephone:(0505) 24616
Mobile:(086) 232 6748
Fax:(0505) 31982
Web page:www.dkryan.ie

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