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Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette, also known as virtual cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, mainly used for smoking cessation and substitute cigarette. It has a cigarette like appearance, and the cigarette similar taste, even more than ordinary cigarettes taste much higher, also like cigarettes can suck smoke, smell and feel to suck. Electronic smoke without the tar in cigarettes, suspended particles and other harmful ingredients, manufacturers also believe that the electronic cigarette is not filled or filled secondhand smoke. But some researchers believe that the electronic cigarette is secondhand smoke. Because the electronic cigarette has been the lack of clinical trial data system support, some countries that the electronic cigarette is illegal, some countries that electronic cigarettes must comply with the standards as a smoking cessation drug selling drugs to. That is, the electronic cigarette without Qingfei poison effect, on the electronic cigarette can Qingfei poison exposition are false and illegal propaganda.


1 Brief History
1.1 generation products
1.2 two generation products
1.3 three generation products
2 Structure
2.1 smoke rod
2.2 using the method
2.3 atomizer
3 limit policy
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1 Brief History

Generation of products

The first electronic cigarette is foreign demand, because there are many laws and regulations to prohibit smoking in public places, and the people's standard of living abroad is generally high, the rich more, strict requirements on the quality of life. So, the first is designed to export. There are also some brand in China at that time. But the price is very expensive. Almost no sales in domestic market, are exported, so a lot of people do not know. But with the arrival of the financial crisis, many export turns sale in domestic market, the price also slowly down.
Design of a generation of electronic smoke from the appearance is completely imitate the ordinary real smoke shape, the smoke bomb is yellow, the cigarette body is white. The generation of electronic smoke popular a few years, because of its shape is similar to a real cigarette, the first feeling is accepted by the customers. However, as people use more and more of the first generation of electronic cigarettes, especially foreign customers, slowly in the use of the process found many disadvantages of the first generation of electronic cigarette, is mainly manifested in the atomizer. The first generation of atomizer electronic cigarette is easy to burn out, in time to replace the smoke bombs, easy to hurt the tip parts of atomizer. Days and months multiplying will completely worn out, resulting in the atomizer not smoke.

Two generation products

The two generation of electronic cigarettes to slightly longer than a generation of electronic cigarettes, diameter is 9.25 mm, the main feature is the two generation of electronic cigarette atomizer after improvement, outside the atomizer with protective cover, the smoke bomb is inserted into the atomizer, and the generation of electronic cigarette is inserted into the smoke bombs inside the atomizer, just right for two in contrast. Characteristics of the two generation electronic smoke is the smoke bombs and atomizer were combined, this is the most remarkable characteristic.

Three generation products

And the third generation of electronic cigarette. They are some of the disposable atomizer and smoke bombs. The equivalent is a one-time atomizer. To solve the previous problem. Quality has the very big promotion. And the external appearance and raw materials to do the replacement.
Smoke electronic cigarette before the picture



Smoke electronic cigarette before the picture


Although the electronic cigarette style or brand, general electronic cigarette is mainly composed of a smoke pipe, nicotine solution evaporation device and a battery of 3 parts. Atomizer consists of a battery pole power supply, can make the liquid nicotine smoke bomb in the transition into the fog, so that the user has a similar feel of smoking in the smoking, realize "to smoke opium". It even can be based on personal preferences, the smoke pipe is added to chocolate, mint taste of spices. The manufacturer claims, no harmful components in the cigarette tar, suspended particles and other electronic smoke cigarettes, so than the traditional health.

Schematic diagram of the electronic cigarette structure

Schematic diagram of the electronic cigarette structure

In addition also has two parts: the battery, atomizer rod smoke bombs, the so-called two generation electronic cigarette.
The tobacco rod

The tobacco rod internal structure using the same basic components: a PCBA lamp board, rechargeable batteries, all kinds of electronic circuit.

Most electronic cigarette is the use of lithium ion battery power element and two times. Battery life depends on cell type and size, the number and the operating environment. And many different battery charger types are available, such as socket directly, car charger, USB charger interface. The battery is the largest part of electronic cigarette.
Electronic air flow sensor activates the heating element used in some electronic cigarettes, a suction will make the battery circuit. The manual induction requires the user to press a button, and then smoking. The use of pneumatic convenience, manual circuits than the aerodynamic stability, relatively. The quantity of smoke is better than pneumatic. Traditionally, activate the electronic cigarette use electronic means. This involves the microphone pneumatic switch and circuit related to use of pure hand, transformation of heating component. The user can quickly find it is not very reliable, with the development of hardware and software, some manufacturers began research and development of automatic machinery manufacturing electronic cigarette, put an end to the use of artificial own wiring, welding or electronic, in order to achieve safety and reliability. This is a trend, but once out, Chinese is not possible to the low labor cost to take China manufacturing electronic cigarette in the international market.

Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette

Method of use

The assembly of electronic smoke anatomical drawings

The assembly of electronic smoke anatomical drawings

Pull out the smoke bomb atomizer connected, change the last new smoke bombs, then the electronic rod and is connected with the atomizer and smoke bombs, then you can enjoy the electronic cigarette.
Note: the smoke bomb electronic cigarette after opening, best if used within three days.

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