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A force free educational center for people and pets run by highly qualified professionals. We are available for one to one sessions on pet training and behaviour and also group dog training classes. We will also hold evening information talks and day workshops on a range of topic from reptiles, dogs, cats, first aid and other pet related education.


Does your dog bark constantly, dig up your garden, have bad manners? Would you like him to learn how to co-habit with you and your family accordingly, within the home. Does he jump up on everybody and take you for your daily walk instead. Then Edupet can offer some assistance. Our aim is to show you, how to teach your dog, to become the perfect pup you dreamed he would be. We try our best to show you various ways to resolve any problems or issues you may have and educate you in the training skills needed to help train your dog.


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Why does my dog need toys?

As humans we have lots of ways to keep us entertained on a daily basis and keep our brains motivated and free from boredom. There are many things to choose from, reading, watching television, outdoor activities, computer games, puzzles and much more. Would you believe your dog needs this too! Mental stimulation is just as important for your puppy or dog as daily physical exercise, think of it as a form of occupational therapy for them.

Your dog is naturally curious, explorative and adventurous and you need to satisfy his mind. Providing them with suitable toys will help to prevent boredom and other behaviour issues. Some of the misbehaviour can be barking, stealing, chewing, digging, destructiveness and anxiety, which can then lead on to bigger behaviour problems. Have you ever been to the zoo? Next time look closely, you will see the animals have toys in their habitat. These are environmental enrichment toys which they can tear apart, chew, roll, chase and smell. So, why not have toys like this in your home for your dog too?

Certain breeds have genetic characteristics, for instance retrievers like to carry items in their mouth, scent breeds enjoy finding nice appeasing smells & terriers have a natural predatory instinct to hunt small objects. By providing suitable toys for each breed characteristic it will help reduce hyperactivity, restlessness and less attention seeking behaviours. By allowing your dog to play with stimulating toys it helps the brain produce mood stabilizing serotonin or “the happy hormone”. This produces feelings of well being and mental stability.

Dogs need to have a job and not just physical exercise. A bored athletic dog will find something they find fun to fulfil their time, such as chewing on your new €200 pair of shoes. If you only give your dog physical exercise, it will cause them to have an imbalance in their life. Dogs need a job and a purpose in life. No one would expect you to just eat; sleep and laze around all day so why should your dog? They were breed to work so why not give your dog a job by getting him some mental stimulation toys to play with.


Please take a look at some of our videos

As you can see, all training is done through positive re-inforcement methods here at Edupet. We try our best to make sure that all of our classes are fun, easy to learn for humans and dogs, safe and friendly. If you look closely you may see your dog starring in one of the videos below.

Don't be disappointed if you can't find them here, they may be on our You Tube page laugh.


Puppy Obedience Class

Puppy obedience class teaches puppies how to socialise correctly towards other dogs which is such an important factor for a puppy to learn. We also teach you about toilet training, loose lead walking, sit, down and stay along with much more. Training your puppy basic obedience at such a young age helps him or her to become a well mannered dog for later on.

Trick Training Classes

Want your dog to be the coolest dog in town? Want to teach him tricks that he can do to help around the house? Like pick things up or open doors. Or does your dog need that extra mental stimulation to help burn off that extra energy he has? Then trick training may be the class for you. In this class we teach a range of tricks simple to advanced such paw, roll over, weave, bow and much more. We have been asked numerous times, how do I teach my dog to dance? Well, trick training can help to build the foundations towards freestyle doggy dancing. First you need to learn all the tricks, then you chain them together to perform a dance to music. Who knows your dog may be the next Britains got talent star!!!


   Bev Truss - Instructor, Behaviourist & Edupet Owner

People ask me what my hobbies are and I reply with a smile,
Playing with other peoples’ pets!

 I have been nursing in Veterinary practice for over 26yrs both in my native Scotland and now in Co Clare, Southern Ireland. In the clinic I often see cats, dogs as well as other animals "misbehaving", as we would see it.
To me our pets need a little guidence from us to be able to live together without stress, confusion or fear.

I passed my Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training and was awarded a distinction by COAPE (Center Of Applied Pet Ethology) and I am a member of Association of Animal Behaviour Affiliates & Practitioners (CAPBT). I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse and member of the Irish Veterinary Nurses Association (IVNA) Awarded Irish Veterinary Nurse of the Year 2012. I am a Certified Inernational Wildlife Rehabilitator with the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWC) and am the founder member and head Vet Nurse at The Hogsprickle Wildlife Rescue (www.thehogsprickle.com). You can find me on the Irish Wildlife Matters website I am also a founder member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland Membership no. 010 (apdt.ie).

I also attended an internship with Sue Sternburg at The Roundout Shelter in upstate New York, on Shelter Management and Asses-A-Pet, assessing rescued and shelter dogs prior to rehoming.

A member of Companion Animal Behaviour Study Therapy Group (CABTSG)
And accepted as a member of the Pet Professional Guild (P.P.G)
Also a member of Doggone Safe a bite prevention service helping children and dogs play safely
I am also a Veterniary Healthcare Adviser, Veterinary Nutritional Adviser and an Advance Pet Health Counsellor
I have been credited by having articles published in the Veterinary Nursing Journal and The Veterinery TImes
I also write articles for local newspapers on companion animal care, training and behaviour and I am also available to speak to local schools and groups on companion animals and wildlife

I am also a Canine First Responder Instructor (CFRI0033) and run Emergency First Aid course for the public and people in the animal care professions.
I am proud to say that this is the only course in Ireland fully accredited by the Veterinary Council of Ireland and supported by the Irish Veterinary Nurses Association.I work in Co Clare in Ireland on Veterinary referal on all sorts of Pet Problems .

I also have an interest in alternative therapies and refer to a qualified homeopathic Vet and TTouch when nescessary. My goal is to give owners and their families the tools to be able to train, play and live with their family pet in a relaxed happy loving atmosphere. Whether a puppy, kitten, adult dog or cat. Training and behavioural problems dealt with on a one to one basis in your own home.

I am also proud to announce that I have been Awarded Irish Vet Nurse of the Year Award 2012
Thank you so much to all my clients and CFRs who nominated me.


Sarah Vincent - Trainer, Student & Volunteer

I have been involved with foster care work with abandoned puppies and helped train them in preparation for their new homes.

At present I am studying dog training and behaviour with Bev Truss. I have taken part in the Dogwise course with C.O.A.P.E (Center of applied Pet Ethology). I am also a CFR ( Canine First Aid Responder) which is recognised by the Irish Veterinary Council of Ireland. At present I am studying for my professional membership with A.P.D.T  (Applied Pet Dog Traning) fingers and paws crossed that by the end of March I will have completed this. I have also obtained my Dog Gone Saftey certificate (2013). This is a non profit organisation dedicated to dog bite prevention through education.

I have attended many webinars online with Royal Canin, A.P.D.T (Applied Pet Dog Training Ireland) and P.P.G (Pet Professional Guild). I have also attended a seminar with Peter Neville in 2013 "Dogs don't do dominance". I have studied and read hundreds of dog trainng books over the years to further my knowledge on the dog training field.

I am also a volunteer worker here at Edupet and run the Trick Training classes, I also help teach owners how to teach their dogs in the basic stuff too, like loose lead walking, sit, down and stay along with much more.

I have 2 nutty beagles who I LOVE to train, they have a range of tricks and are also the EduPet demo dogs. This means they help other dogs become more social towards other canines. So, each morning not only do I go to work but my dogs do too. I have a keen passion for photography and just LOVE to take snapshots of my favourite thing in the world....Dogs laugh

I am also a volunteer worker for a charity for wildlife called "The Hogsprickle" which is run by Bev Truss. I help her tend to injured wildlife, transport them to the Hogsprickle hospital, feed them and release them back into the wild again once they are well enough.


Our Junior Volunteer Staff Helper

This is Megan, our Edupet junior staff member. Megan comes to Edupet regulary to help out on her days off from school. When Megan grows up she wants to work with animals. Everytime she comes to visit she is always eager to learn and we are happy to educate her. She is a fantastic little helper and is great with helping out training the dogs.

Here is what Megan has to say about Edupet.

"I love all the different breeds of dogs that I meet in Edupet. I always feel happy and free when I am there. I have learned so much about my dogs and other dogs from Sarah and Bev. I spend lots of time there and meet lots of nice people. It is a real fun place to be if you being your children to Edupet they will love it and it will be a fun family day out with your pets."


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Basic Obedience Class 
Our basic obedience class runs for 6 weeks. Over the 6 week period we will show you how to teach your dog, sit, down, stay, loose lead walking and other training you may require. When you have completed this class, your dog will receive a certificate and graduation photograph.
**All dogs need to be assessed prior to entering any class, this is a saftey standard as we like our clients and dogs to be comfortable, happy and safe at all times **

Price: €100.00
Basic Obedience Class
Assessment Fee 
All dogs are required to go through an assessment before being permitted to enter into any of our classes. This is a 30 minute session where we learn more about your dog. Trainers need as much information about the dog so they can work better with him. We learn how social they are towards other humans and dogs, what you as an owner would like to see your dog learn and also what your dog enjoys which helps towards training. You are required to fill out a registration form on the day.
Price: €15.00
Assessment Fee
Trick Training 
Once you complete the basic obedience class you have an option of joining into trick class. Even if you have not completed our basic obedience class you can still apply. However, your dog will need to know a sit, stay and down to take part in this class. This basic commands are needed to teach tricks. Now we are not asking for miracle sits and stays, just as long as the dog is familiar with the cue thats fine. In this class you learn a series for tricks, paw, roll over, jump and much more.
Price: €70.00
Trick Training
Hall Hire 
Have you ever looked out the window and shivered at the thought of going out walking your dog in the wind and rain. Edupet hire the hall for 30min. Owners can stay dry, make themselves a free cuppa, sit back and relax while their dog burns off some energy. Hall hire has to be booked in advance so please contact us if you are interested.
Price: €10.00
Hall Hire



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Contact:Bev Truss
Address:Unit M8
Smithstown Ind Est, Shannon,
Telephone:085 783 5230 / 085 783 5240
Web page:www.edupet.ie

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