Create a website using myinfo

Basic overview on how to create a myinfo website.

How to edit your myinfo web site

An introduction on how to update your myinfo web site. Includes:

  • Formatting text on the page
  • Updating headers
  • Creating links
  • Loading images
  • Creating social web links

How to change your website design

How to change a website design in myinfo. Includes changing the background, page, and banner styles, colors and fonts.

How to link your domain name to your site

Sorry but there is no video for this because the procedure depends on who you buy the domain name from. Nonetheless, the principles are generally the same.

First, you need to buy your domain from your choice of hosting company like or Register365 or Blacknight etc. For the purpose of this help instruction, lets say you have bought the domain name

Next, change your myinfo domain name to mydomain_com on (i.e. replace the '.' with a '_' in the domain name and notice that there is no www). You may not be able to make this change yourself, if this is the case, drop me a note at with your myinfo site name and your new (purchased) domain name and I will rename it for you.

Now you are ready to link the domain to the site.

One of the ways of linking the domain is to raise a help desk support ticket from whichever hosting company you bought the domain from to ask them to change the 'A' record of your domain name to '' (without the quotes). If they are prepared to do this for you then that's it you then will be able to access your site through the domain name.

The other way is DIY but is still fairly straightforward:

  • Log in to your control panel on which will have been provided by the domain hosting company.
  • Find the section for domain management.
  • Edit the record and change the A record next to the domain name to '' (without the quotes). You should not need to change any of the other values.
  • Save the Domain record.

Changing your domain name to point to

and that's it.

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