What do you get from myinfo.ie?

In the sections below, we have outlined some of the benefits of owning a myinfo website. Remember that we are continually updating the website and new features are regularly added, so the list below is unlikely to include all the benefits.

Nonetheless, I am sure that you will agree that myinfo.ie offers you incredible value for money, especially as the basic websites are FREE.

Free website in Ireland - get yours today!

A web site and web presence

You get a fully functional web site that you can use to advertise your club, society or company. You also get your own custom URL with the name of your choice.

Advertise your company on myinfo and watch it grow

Source of visitors (a back-link on steroids)

The myinfo.ie parent site is widely promoted and due to the large number of clients provides a good visitor source to your myinfo site. If you already have another site, then myinfo.ie provides an additional source of visitors to your site. Your myinfo.ie presence is like a backlink on streoids because the more work you do on your myinfo site, the better your main site will rank.

Linking to myinfo.ie provides a highw...
Linking to myinfo.ie provides a highway to your site

Contact database

You set-up a detailed page for your visitors to be able to find or contact you. The layout of the page is consistent to provide an online searchable directory for anyone to use.
Contact details to street level
Contact details to street level

Product or event management software

A products or events management database is provided that allows you to upload and advertise your products on the web. If you own another site or would like to include your product or event management system on another site, a single line of code can be added that displays all your products on the ther site.  You can even make a static site much more dynamic using these tools.
Product management that can be includ...
Product management that can be included in your site

Personal Gallery

A picture paints a thousand words... Create a gallery for your site to promote your products and services or just to tell people more about your company.

Dilger Studios gallery page Dilger Studios gallery detail


Social connectors

If you have a presence on Facebook and/or LinkedIn and/or Twitter, myinfo.ie provides the means of creating two way links between these systems and your myinfo site.  This further encourages more traffic and provides more business opportunites for your club, society or business.
Social links to the primary Social Sites
Social links to the primary Social Sites

Control panel

All site owners can access a dedicated control panel for their site. All the functionality that you need to manage you site will be at your fingertips in the control panel.
Easy to use control panel for managin...
Easy to use control panel for managing your account

Easy site management

Easy to use tools are provided to you through the control panel that will allow you to update and optimise your web site.
Easy to update site
Easy to update site

Site completion advice

Site ranking and site completion advice is provided to ensure that your site is optimised for visitors and for search engines.
Site completion advice to guide you t...
Site completion advice to guide you through the process

Visitor tracking

You can view how many people have visited your site (or portfolio of sites), how many are new visitors, what proportion are members on myinfo.ie etc. You also can drill down to the IP address level see who has visited the site and whch country the visitors are from.

Visit tracking and visitor information
Visit tracking and visitor information

Quick indexing by Search Engines

New myinfo websites are indexed by the major search engines very soon after the site is created. The crawl rate on myinfo.ie is very high and new sites are likely to be indexed within one day of creation.

Below is an example of the visitor tracking to a new site on the first day of creation.

Search Engine Visits to a new myinfo ...
Search Engine Visits to a new myinfo site on day one

And that's not all...

There is much more functionality than that listed here and as the site continues to develop there will be more added. All you need to to is see the potential and then make it happen with the help of myinfo.ie.

Irelands favourite free web presence

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