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Italy GEOX ( Chinese trademark : Geox ) was founded in 1994 by Mr. MARIO MORETTI POLEGATO, GEOX taken from the Greek word "GEO", meaning the earth beneath ; to unknown "X" as a symbol of technology , the implication of new technologies , the combination of new ideas .
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1 Introduction
2 Success Story
3 years of start-ups
4 -founder
5 Sun Li
1 Introduction

GEOX Canada has with its "RESPIRA" ( breathing ) international patent technology, the rapid growth of GEOX , Italy ranked first casual shoe brand , sold in 55 countries and regions in the world , ranking the world's footwear before 4 .
geox shoes
geox shoes
GEOX - breathing shoes, through its " breathable, perspiration, cold, water ," the new technological innovation to solve the end of waterproof rubber soles and plastic airtight and waterproof breathable leather bottom of the problem, advocates : comfort and health coexist for consumers to bring a new concept of consumption !
Three international patents
GEOX invented and applied for a "breathing " (RESPIRA) soles of three international patents , its core is : with a waterproof breathable microporous film , sweat inside the shoe to make smooth discharge of heat , while stop the external water the infiltration.
Breathable, comfortable
GEOX shoes to wear , allowing the foot to get to "breathe" , keep dry , and thus no longer have to be wrapped in a plastic bag like the kind of " suffocation " wet foot feeling, no longer have an unpleasant odor , thus avoiding odor and other related issues.
GEOX was founded in the early 1990s by Mr. MARIO MORETTI POLEGATO, GEOX Group operates in the footwear and apparel in 51 countries worldwide . In a very short time , GEOX has become the first Italian casual shoes, ranked eighth in the world , is one example of the last decade 's most successful companies .
As the annual growth rate has been more than 50% of revenue in 2001 reached 1.5 billion euros GEOX , yield more than 3.7 million pairs of shoes . GEOX has made significant achievements since : products and styles of constant attention , research and application of relevant technology shoes , Italian local market development and export markets continue to break .
GEOX term sources and "GEO" - the Greek " land " means ; X is a letter on behalf of technology, just the name and a full description of its special advantages . GEOX shoes surprise move that is breathing new technologies, new ideas are vivid examples .
GEOX shoes and apparel sales worldwide , the establishment of a large international marketing network and around the world GEOX brand stores.
2 Success Story

MARIO MORETTI POLEGATO was born in the early 1990s, GEOX founder and major shareholder - GEOX is rapidly growing in Europe .
Allow feet to breathe rubber shoes invention solves a common problem can not be solved previously , to solve the problems of the world rubber sole and shoe industry airtight and waterproof plastic bottom end breathable waterproof leather problem .
He chose polyvinyl fluoride as raw material, together with a few like-minded friends , conducted research and test a full three years , and finally successfully developed a waterproof breathable membrane to achieve a " make shoes breathing" dream.
The core of this technology is patented , waterproof breathable microporous film will be embedded with a "chip" up and down within a vented sole, size microporous film can sweat the heat inside the shoe smooth discharge , while just blocking stay out of the water infiltration , which received a waterproof breathable magical effects.
3 years of start-ups

GEOX originated with his founder MARIO MORETTI POLEGATO

Personal history are closely related.
He was born in 1952 near TREVISO - one of Italy 's richest region in northeastern Italy major companies , like BENETTON, LUXOTTICA and DIESEL hometown. MARIO MORETTI POLEGATO initial goal is to inherit the family 's historic wine business (VILLA SANDI). He graduated from the School of Agriculture and help the family business ready to open up new markets.
Mr. POLEGATO participate in the wine industry in the United States once the General Assembly of the State of Nevada desert place , because all day long walk and had to endure the heat of the foot , so he had to play in a few holes in the soles of his ideas . His rubber shoes are very soft and wearable, but to his feet , it is simply a heating chamber . This expedient balance his shoe temperatures, this intuitive move to expand his business to the world and let his family business to become one of Italy's largest companies .
Back to Italy , because of their family owns a small leather company , he would turn his idea into a viable product development . So the first pair of "breathing" shoes was born, it can make the feet breathable, but not seepage . When production of the first batch of sample shoes , he tried to sell his products , and create a considerable international standard shoe company .
But no one interested -------
With practice and his vision , determined to build GEOX - a set design, production and sales in one of the new one will be breathing shoe company .
4 -founder

1952 Born in Crocetta del Montello (TREVISO). One of northeast Italy 's richest regions. Shortly after completing his studies , he inherited the family wine business.
Punch him in the early 1990s changed the world of shoe soles , he decided to put his dream into a reality - GEOX, breathing shoes, combines Italian style, the feet of the concept of advanced technology and health .
MARIO MORETTI POLEGATO is president of GEOX Group , GEOX is a comfortable shoe in Italy dedicated to the production company , has approximately 2,000 employees in 51 countries around the world will breathe shoe sales company .
He is the Honorary Consul of Romania .
He was a member of the Committee CONFINDUSTRIA .
He is DEMIR bank director.
He is a member of the Italian ASPEN agency.
And Honorary Consul of Monaco in Venice ANNA LICIA BALZAN married , he has a son.

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