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It would be really unwise for spammers and hackers, for that matter, to send all the virus and Trojan infected messages from their own mailing accounts. Doing so will obviously compromise their identity and you along with other millions of people would be sending them pretty angry mails and replies.

In order to spread viruses and other malwares, social engineering is important. The spammers have to come with a game plan to ensure that their identity is not compromised and that they are able to succeed in their mission of spreading the malware. One seemingly easy way to do this by pretending to be the friends or acquaintance of the receiver!

However, one thing these spammers keep in mind is to not use the address line of the owner of the computer as this will alert the users. The address line in the from: section is usually a real one as smart people rarely open a mail from a make-believe address line. More often, such mails goes in the spam or the trash section of the user. This is why the spammers and the hackers use the real addresses which are usually picked from the address book of the targeted user.

Getting the delivery failure message

If you are actively using your mailing account and have a tendency to often call the Gmail customer service phone number in case anything suspicious happens with your account, then the chances of a spam coming in your primary folder are very dim.

Today, mailing companies take care of delivery failure messages so that if you have mistyped someone’s mailing ID then you will be notified that second so that you don’t miss out on something important.

When to ignore these delivery failure messages

Now, if spammers or hackers are using your mailing ID then there are chances that you might get a delivery failure message in your inbox. Instead of terming it as a Gmail problem, it is better to ignore them.

If you haven’t sent a mail recently and you are still seeing this message then you don’t have to open it because the chances of this happening are one in 1000 and you will be keeping your computer safe by avoiding it.

What to do after you have ignored these messages?

While some computer junkie might set their eyes on narrowing down the ISP of the computer from which the mail was sent, there are others who let it go. In the case of such messages, it is better to let it go unless you have a lot of time and resource on your hand.

However, after receiving such messages, it is better to scan your computer and mail properly so that there is no chance of any infected virus or Trojan lurking around on your computer. In case, you receive such mails every day, then you should better inform your mailing account helpline number to deal with the problem and add additional blockages for such messages. This will keep your mailbox clear and also free from any viruses.

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